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Call for the CICOPS Scholarship Program 2025 is open now!!!

Academics and other researchers from Developing Countries who wish to carry out research in collaboration with a professor at the University of Pavia are welcome to apply. Applicants must have the support of a collaborator at the University of Pavia who invites them with a formal invitation letter (applications without an invitation letter won’t be taken into consideration).Applicants must have at least two years of either teaching experience or activity in international organizations and institutions.CICOPS scholarships are foreseen for research collaboration in the short period in order to encourage the mobility of researchers from Developing Countries (World Bank Classification). Applicants enrolled in a Doctoral or Postgraduate Course at an Italian University are not eligible to apply.

The scholarships allow for a research stay of 4 to 12 weeks at the University of Pavia within two windows: January 13th to July 20th, 2025, or September 8th to December 21st, 2025.

A decision will be made by June 30th 2024 by a Committee composed of the President of CICOPS
and another two members designated by the Rector.

In the issuing of the ranking, the Committee will take into account:
1) The scientific relevance of the proposed project, especially when integrated with similar projects
developed by the University of Pavia;
2) The Curriculum Vitae of the candidate;
3) The fair distribution of grants between the department involved and the geographical regions of
origin of the applicants.
In the case of scientific and professional value being equal, preference will be given to:
– Applicants from lower income economies, according to the World Bank list;
– Applicants employed by Universities/Institutions linked to the University of Pavia with a preexisting Cooperation Agreement (See: International Agreements – MoUs)
– Applicants formally introduced to the Selection Committee by an Honorary Consul, member
of the UCOI and UCOIM associations, linked to the University of Pavia with a Cooperation
The Committee reserves the right to check the validity of declarations and supporting documents
asking the submission of appropriate documentary evidence in original or certified copy. False
statements may lead to exclusion from the selection process and/or the award of the scholarship.




  • This CICOPS scholarship covers travel, accommodation, meals, a health insurance policy, and a weekly contribution of €150.00 (gross).
  • Additionally, selected scholars will receive logistical support for visas, flight bookings, and accommodation in a university residence.


  • Applicants must possess at least two years of teaching experience or have been actively involved with international organizations and institutions.
  • Eligible candidates include junior and senior university staff from Developing Countries, as well as members of significant research centers and international bodies with a focus on development studies.
  • CICOPS scholarships are reserved for research collaboration in the short term in order to encourage the mobility of researchers from developing countries.
  • Note: Those currently enrolled in a Doctoral or Postgraduate Course at an Italian university are not eligible.
Eligible Regions: Open For All

Application Process

  • Applications must be sent no later than May 31st 2024 by filling out the online application form
    available on the CICOPS website.
  • The following documents should be uploaded to the online form:
    1. Curriculum vitae ideally in European format with a list of publications
    (file to be named: Surname_Name_CV)
    2. Invitation letter from the professor or researcher with whom you intend to collaborate 1
    (file to be named: Surname_Name_Letter)
    The uploaded documents should be named as mentioned above. Applications without a correctly
    named curriculum vitae and invitation letter will not be taken into consideration.
    Please only fill in your application form once you have received the letter of acceptance by your
    contact Professor at the University of Pavia. Incomplete applications will be rejected; no exceptions will be made

Application Deadline: May 30, 2024

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

For further information, please contact: UNIVERSITY OF PAVIA - CICOPS OFFICE Stefania Ferrari E-mail: [email protected] http://cicops.unipv.it/
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