Applicants have many questions related to finding and pursing opportunities which often remain unanswered. Youth Opportunities believes that every question deserves an informative answer to build required awareness and knowledge among youth. From our years of interaction with diverse group of young people, we have compiled and categorized all major frequently asked questions for you.

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Youth Opportunities share ten different categories of opportunities which include: Scholarship, Internship, Exchange Program, Fellowship, workshop, conference and competition, award, grants and international jobs etc.

When you are looking for an opportunity, it seems like there are thousands out there. Naturally, the question that first pops in our head is which one to pursue. If you go through the YO website, you will find that it has classified the opportunities in categories like – Competition (Award & Grant), Conference, Exchange Programs, Fellowships, Internships, Scholarships, Workshops and Miscellaneous.

First, try to determine which opportunity you want to pursue. If you are a fresher, you might want to go for exchange programs or participate in the competitions. A senior may want to explore the grants for master’s program or different internships. If you are a PhD candidate, attending academic conferences might add value. The first step is to find out the answer of – what do you want? So, identify which one you will chase. Explore all the categories in the YO website. Give it some time to find the right one for you.

While exploring the opportunities always consider what you will get out of it. Remember, every opportunity we get is a chance for us to improve ourselves. So it is very important to know whether the specific program you want to attend will boost your skill and knowledge base.

After you identify the programs you want to attend, talk to the people who have already attended such programs. Ask them how it helped them, were they able to get what they attended, was it worth to attend it – questions of such kind. Discuss with experts if the program you choose is aligned with your goals. You will take the ultimate decision, but discussing with the experienced and having a second opinion will help you to make the right decision!

There are programs that are open to all. But, also there are programs that are designed and thus offered for a certain group of people. The eligibility criteria differ from program to program. They may include age, educational qualification, experience, profession, geographic location, special group etc.

For every opportunity posted in the YO website, there is a section on ‘Eligibility’. This section mentions all the criteria an opportunity seeker requires for applying to the program.

If you are still confused about your eligibility, try to contact the organizers. Make a phone call, or write an email. There is no harm in trying!

Often we face such situation where we are very interested in an opportunity, but they are for the members of some particular countries. If you are facing a situation similar to this, don’t be upset.

You find an opportunity and are really interested to participate. But unfortunately, you do not meet the eligibility. So what to do now? Our suggestion for you would be to write an email to the organizers. Let them know how much you are interested to attend the program and how it will add value to you.

You might get a positive response from them. If so, go and grab it!

If not, then that’s okay too, because there are similar opportunities which you may want to explore.

In the YO website, under the page of each opportunity, you will find a list of similar opportunities under the section labeled ‘Related Opportunities’. Go and explore these opportunities and apply for those.

While exploring an opportunity, if you get confused with anything, like your eligibility for the program, funding or anything else, the best practice is to contact the organizers. Write an email to them asking whatever queries you have.

In this particular case, mention them the country you belong to and ask them if you are eligible for the program.

If you think that you cannot find the right opportunity through YO, please write to us. Let us know what you are looking for and we will try to help you with relevant opportunities in our website.

But at the same time, we would suggest you to explore a little more! While exploring an opportunity it is better to keep an open mind. Sometimes we are so focused on a particular topic, we tend to oversight opportunities that offer similar benefits, if not the exact one.

You have tried for a few opportunities and haven’t been successful. So what? This shouldn’t stop you from applying for future opportunities. There is no point of losing hope. We all know the story of Robert Bruce. Get inspired and keep on trying.

Now you might need to change some of the strategies you have been following. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • First of all, choose your programs wisely. Applying to any random program won’t really help. Map out the programs that suit your interest the most, and at the same time keep in mind about the requirement of the program.
  • Talk to your peers who have been to such kind of programs. Ask them about the strategies they followed. Take suggestion from experts.
  • Don’t just wait for the last moment to apply. Give yourself more time to take better preparation. Review your application or documents by an expert. A second opinion will help you to improve. We often have a bias opinion to our own work hence we do not find any mistakes. A second opinion will help to find out those mistakes and improve your work.
  • You can go for one more approach – write to the programs you have applied previously and ask them why you were not selected. If they write back to you, you will get know where you made mistakes and thus improve yourself.

There can be a situation where you are selected for a program but you don’t have the money to attend the program. Don’t give up and lose your hope. Here are some approaches you may want to try:

Ask Financial Assistance from the Organizers:

Your first attempt should be seeking help from the organizers of that particular program. Make your initial approach by making a phone call or writing a letter. If you know someone from the organizers make a phone call. If you don’t know anyone from the organizers, try to find out who is the most appropriate person to ask for financial assistance. Write an email to the person. Mention your situation and highlight on how important the program is for you, how it will add value, and then your motivation for attending the program.

Remember, you’re not done by just writing an email or making a phone call. There is a very less chance of you getting your desired amount with just a phone call or an email. So, make sure you follow up on your initial contact.

Raise Money:


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Look for the programs that cover the expenses:

There are programs that cover all the expenses and there are some that cover partial expenses. Map down such opportunities and apply.

No, Youth Opportunities does not provide any financial support to attend the program. But we can suggest you some possible approaches to manage funding for the program you are attending.

(Hyperlink to 7)

When you are applying for any program, keeping the deadline in mind is very important. Set multiple reminders so that you don’t miss the deadline.

Now if you have already missed the deadline, what to do?

  • If it is not too late, then you may take a chance and apply for the program. Write down to the organizers, and request them to consider your situation. There is no harm in taking a chance.
  • Go and check if the program in annual. If yes, then note it down to your event calendar. When the time approaches, track it down and apply for it. Set reminders so that you do not forget about it.
  • If the program is not annual, then look for similar programs that will serve your purpose and apply for them

It actually depends on the type of opportunity you are applying. In many of the Scholarship opportunity, they ask for language proficiency test results. In many of the opportunities, they might need language proficiency but not a test result.

We recommend you to go through the eligibility conditions. If you are still confused, ask the organizers for clarification.

Generally, the programs mention the date when they are going to announce the selected participants. If you do not get any response by then, then unfortunately you are not selected for the program.


If the date is not mention, then write an email to the organizers asking if they have already selected the participants.

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