Global Case Study Competition 2021 by PeaceX
  • April 5 - 15, 2021

While all these years we have called upon the best of minds in the field of public policy, it is time to find our own policy testament, and PeaceX is thrilled to string this intent and need with its first-ever public policy panorama – SustainX.

SustainX, a first-of-its-kind case competition will leave you vying for the prize against some of the most talented young policy minds across the globe! SustainX would test your quizzing prowess, case-cracking knuckles, and your ability to architect a palace of policies.

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Here’s to you and your will for authoring and initiating the change of times for the best!

Round I: The Quiz-Wiz

This would be an online, objective quiz (one-word or one-phrase answers) on the topics of sustainability, peace, international institutions, social entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, youth leaders, human rights, famous world leaders, and the basics of international relations. The details regarding the quiz will be provided post-registration. There are two slots for Round I. A team may choose any one of these two slots based on their convenience. Please note that the quality and quantity of quiz questions would be similar in both slots. We would not entertain the participation of teams in multiple slots. A team should participate in only one of the two slots for Round I: Slot 1: 12:30 PM GMT/UTC on Monday, April 5, 2021 and Slot 2: 5:30 AM GMT/UTC on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Round II: Case in Point

20 teams would be shortlisted to this round from Round I. A case study on the overarching topics of sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, or corporate social responsibility would be sent to the teams. Each team is expected to solve the case and email their solution framework in the form of a presentation. The teams would be judged on the problematization of the case, creativity, analysis, feasibility, and other auxiliary metrics. The case would be sent to the teams at 2:30 AM GMT/UTC on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. The deadline for submitting their solutions would be 2:30 AM GMT/UTC on Friday, April 9, 2021.

Round III: The Gauntlet

8 teams would be shortlisted to this round from Round II. The teams would be expected to present their case to a panel of judges within a stipulated time limit. A question-answer round would then be held for each team’s presentation.




  • SustainX Winning Team
    • Certificate of appreciation from PeaceX;


    • Letter of appreciation from PeaceX;


    • Internship opportunity with PeaceX and/or partner organisation;


    • Sponsored voucher/reward/associated gift;


    • Special invitation for Global Summit by PeaceX;


    • Access to exclusive Project Bookpecker!
  • SustainX Runner Up Team
    • Certificate of appreciation from PeaceX;
    • Special Invitation for Global Summit by PeaceX!
  • SustainX Round II Participants
    • Certificate of appreciation from PeaceX!
  • SustainX Round I Participants
    • Certificate of Participation from PeaceX


  • Students in high school or pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree (MSc., M.A., M.i.M) from a registered university anywhere in the world are eligible to participate
  • Students who have completed their postgraduate degree and PhD students are not eligible to take part in this competition, to ensure comparability of results
  • Students taking a gap year or any equivalent educational break are eligible.
Eligible Regions: Open for all.

Application Process

  • Apply online through the given link.
  • Each team should comprise 1-3 members.
  • Team members can be from the same educational institutions, or from different educational institutions as well.
  • The competition will be taking place in a fully online mode. Please ensure a stable internet connection during the competition.
  • There is no registration fee to participate in the competition

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Application Deadline: April 5, 2021

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

For Queries, please contact at [email protected]
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