Applications for the Young Leaders’ Programs by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Japan, are now open. This scholarship gives international students the opportunity to undertake masters programs in various fields such as local governance, law, business administration, Public administration and health administration in Japan. MEXT undergraduate scholarships are also available for international students.

The Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) aims to contribute to cultivate future national leaders in Asian and other countries, to contribute to establish friendly relationship among various countries and to improve policy planning activities by forming a network among national leaders through deepening their understanding of Japan. The YLP is one of the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Programs.

COURSES for 2019-2020:


The young leaders’ program was launched in 2001 by the Ministry of Education, science, and technology, sports and culture of the Japanese government. It is a yearlong scholarship that aids in preparation and empowerment of young people with leadership roles from various parts of the globe in their chosen study fields. The available scholarship is for the Master’s program.


  • Each grantee is awarded a monthly allowance of 242,000 yen for the scholarship term which is subjected to changes depending on the Japanese annual budget. The amount is not payable to a grantee who is absent in their assigned university or those who take absence leave.
  • Transport cost to Japan:
    The MEXT grants a grantee with an economy-class flight ticket from their nearest home international airport to Haneda or Narita international airport. Domestic expenses such as special travel taxes, transport from home to the airport, inland transportation, airport usage fees and airport tax are not supplied within Japan.
  • Transport cost from Japan:
    The grantee that honors the fixed period and wishes to return home after the expiration period is granted an economy class flight ticket upon application. They are transported from Haneda or Narita international airport to their nearest home international airport.
  • The admission and tuition fees are catered for by the Japanese government.
  • Accommodations Benefits of YLP Japanese Scholarship:
    1. The student offices provide the grantees with residential halls.
    2. The student office may also provide apartment houses or private boarding houses to those not accommodated in the grantees’ residence halls.


  • The applicants must hail from countries eligible for the young leaders’ program (YLP).
  • The applicants must be 40 years and below as of 2nd October every year.
  • They must be holders of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution and have excelled in the academic performance.
  • They should have at least a working experience of three years or preferably five years full-time in public administration.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English with a minimum score of 79 points or equivalent.
  • The applicant’s health must be good to apply for YLP scholarship program.
  • Visa requirement: The selected slot of applicants must be holders of college student’s visas before going to Japan. The visas should be issues in applicant’s nationality Japanese legation. Those who change their resident status to any other than the outlined college student loses their Japanese scholarship.

Applicants who are found with the below-named conditions are considered to be eligible. Also, if they are identified after their approval, the applicants are supposed to carry out withdrawal from the scholarship program:

  1. If the applicant is a civilian employee or a service member and is on an active military list on their arrival in Japan.
  2. Those unable to arrive in Japan within the designated period after accepting the University.
  3. If the applicant is already enrolled in a Japanese university or any other kind of school with a college student status or is due to enroll in a university in Japan between the application time in their respective countries and the time is program is beginning.
  4. The persons who lose their government official or public administrators status before application time or before the program is completed.
Eligible Regions: Multiple countries

Application Process

The applications are made thorough specified recommending authorities, where various documents must be submitted within the stipulated date.  The documents are not returned and they include:

  • Admission application form of YLP Japan
  • Photographs of the YLP scholarship grantee applicant
  • Official transcripts from attended institutions; the undergraduate and graduate
  • Recommendation letters from (a) university professor, (b) recommending authority, (c) superior at their workplace
  • Health certificate for foreigner students to apply for MEXT scholarship
  • Copies of all diplomas and degree certificates from the attended institutions
  • Register of the family
  • Answers to the provided essay questions
  • Passport copy
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Certificate in English p[proficiency
  • An Essay with detailed aspiration and future plans after completion of the program.
  • YLP Japan Scholarship Application forms are now available which must be filled in properly and send them ot the assigned authorities, that maybe the Japanese university of the embassy of Japan in your country.

Note: The application deadline for YLP Japanese Scholarship is different for different countries.

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