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IU International University of Applied Sciences provides students all over the world with everything they need to study anytime, anywhere. Whether a student is looking for a distance learning program to study online at home or wants to experience university life on campus, IU has programs for both. The majority of their programmes are available fully online with options for part-time studies and generous scholarships: so, the student can find a degree that suits their learning style and situation. 100,000 students already study at IU.

IU is the leading private university for online studies in Germany. They put great emphasis on maximum flexibility in their study models to help the students fit learning into their schedules. Whether the student wants flexible online studies from home or wants to join on campus in Germany, IU will help them do just that and get them started on the path to their ideal career.

Get a fully accredited German degree from the largest private university to offer online studies in Germany. IU already serves over 100,000 students worldwide.

Founded on the idea of empowering people to succeed in a digital world, IU International University of Applied Sciences first came into existence in 1998. Since receiving accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities, IU’s grown into Germany’s biggest university. 

Their mission is to create inclusive, global, and wholly accessible education. It’s why they have been at the forefront of online learning for over a decade. It’s how they made it possible for students to learn from anywhere and at any time — using their fully integrated digital platform, innovative learning tools, and virtual classrooms.

At IU International University of Applied Sciences, a student can either study 100% online or learn on campus at one of the locations in Germany. They offer full flexibility and the option of studying either full-time or part-time – whatever best suits the student and their goals. 

The quality of the study programs is important to IU. That’s why they have not only introduced internal quality assurance measures but also undergone numerous external accreditations and certifications.




  • At IU, they support students from all over the world with competitive scholarships based on where the students are and their individual needs and circumstances.
  • Make sure to apply and benefit from a scholarship of up to 67% for online degrees.  
  • IU awards four 50%-scholarships to people who inspire them and want to enroll at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU). There are many paths to education, but they have one idea in common: everything is possible.  
  • The benefits: 
    • The student’s tuition fees are reduced for the entire duration of their studies 
    • They support special educational paths: financially, practically, and in a scientific context 
    • Accessible, personalized studying with maximum flexibility is possible at any time
  • Apply for one of their scholarships for People with disabilities, women in tech, single parents, or career changers. 


  • Scholarships are not available to applicants in Europe, Canada, or the USA. 
  • Admission Requirements: 
    • All Degrees: English skills 
    • Bachelor: High school certificate 
    • Master: Completed undergraduate degree 
    • MBA: Completed undergraduate degree, One year of relevant work experience   
  • Scholarship requirements: 
    • The applicant wants to start an online study program or a studies program 
    • The applicant fulfills all the requirements for their preferred scholarship as detailed in the overview 
    • The applicant has not applied for an IU scholarship before; an applicant can only apply for an IU scholarship once. 
    • The applicant has a university entrance qualification 
    • The application is only valid for the month in which the applicant submits their documents – not for any other months.
  • The applicant will need the following documents: 
    • CV and university entrance qualification 
    • Reports and certificates in one PDF file 
    • Letter of motivation (max. 1 A4 page) or video of motivation (max. 5 minutes)
Eligible Regions: Open for all.

Application Process

  1. ​​Email IU the application: Send in the application with all necessary documents attached to [email protected]. Make sure to mention the preferred scholarship in the subject line. IU receives submissions at the end of each month and selects the winners in the following month.
  2. Submit documents: They need the applicant’s CV, university entrance qualification, reports, and other certificates in one PDF file as well as a letter of motivation (max. 1 A4 page) or video of motivation (max. 5 minutes, the link must not expire).
  3. Receive the letter of acceptance: The university will contact the applicant approximately in the middle of the month following their application. If they are awarded the 50% scholarship, they can apply online for your study program straight away.
  4. Activate the scholarship: Please apply for the study program within 6 weeks. 50% of tuition fees will be immediately subtracted during the online application. The applicant will receive all necessary information in their acceptance email.
  5. Sign the contract: Please sign the study contract within 6 weeks. Take note that the claim to this scholarship expires if the applicant does not meet this deadline. However, they can select a later date for actually starting their studies.
  6. Start studies: With the start of the contract, the applicant receives access to everything and all the information they need to get started.
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