• February 1, 2024

Accepting Applications for IFSPD Presidential Fellowship 2024!

The International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development (IFSPD), formerly known as the International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (BSCSIF) is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization, established on March 4, 2009, upon the initiative of distinguished intellectuals, scientific and public figures, diplomats, representatives of influential non-governmental organizations from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development, Preeminent international organisation IFSPD is backed by more than 50 countries. Represented by eminent thinkers, diplomats, and international leaders, the foundation examines and resolves the world’s most urgent problems.

The flagship initiative of IFSPD is the IFSPD Presidential Fellowship, which aims to develop extraordinary young leaders who will heal divisions in our society. Among 20,000 candidates, fellows from more than 60 nations were chosen for this highly esteemed worldwide fellowship.

The IFSPD Presidential Fellowship is delivered through two methodologies, primarily: Global Agenda Councils, where experts are brought together alongside the Fellows to discuss, debate, synthesize and reach conclusions from multiple stakeholder perspectives on critical global issues, and, the Presidential Forums: where subject experts fuel in introspection, investigation and influence among the Fellows – on the most pressing global challenges.

Presidential Fellowship Components:

  • Global Agenda Councils: Bringing together the Fellows alongside experts to discuss, debate, synthesis and reach conclusions from multiple stakeholder perspectives on critical global issues and incubate projects for public good.
  • Presidential Forums: Bringing together leading subject matter experts to fuel introspection, investigation and influence for the Fellows – on the most pressing challenges, that would spark innovative solutions and bridge the differences in our world.

Skills  gained:

  • Leadership & global outlook
  • Analysis & team working
  • Recommendations & alumni benefits

There are three types of fellowships, Fast track lasting 4 weeks, Intensive lasting 8 weeks and Full-fledged lasting 24 weeks. Candidates can choose the suitable fellowship to apply for, by referring to the details provided in the application form.

Fellowship details :

GLOBAL AGENDA COUNCILS : 1 session (4 weeks online) – FAST TRACK ; 4 sessions (8 weeks online) – INTENSIVE ; 6 sessions (24 weeks online) – FULL FLEDGED

PRESIDENTIAL BRIEFINGS: 2 session (4 weeks online) – FAST TRACK ; 3 sessions (8 weeks online) – INTENSIVE ; 6 sessions (24 weeks online) – FULL FLEDGED

Apply before December 1st to increase your chances of admission by 30%, rolling review of applications.




  • Exclusive global fellow
  • Premium skills & certification
  • Academic & career progress
  • Certificate, future event discounts, mentor access, personal profile & email ID from IFSPD for 1 year for INTENSIVE category and personal profile & email ID from IFSPD for lifetime for FULL FLEDGED category.

  • Recommendation letters and exclusive alumni benefits can enable academic and career progress.


  • 14- to 30-year-olds. High school to early career professionals.
  • From across Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe. With high potential and global outlook.
  • Looking to differentiate themselves, and develop leadership skills.
Eligible Regions: Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe.

Application Process

  • Visit the Apply link by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” button.
  • Start your application, fill all the cells with necessary information.

Note: Please ensure that you have an uninterrupted internet connection. IFSPD strongly advises you to use a laptop or computer while filling up this application. Please ensure that you answer the given questions carefully. Please click on “FINISH” to submit your application. Average time taken to fill this application is 15 minutes.

Application Deadline: December 20, 2023

Application ClosedOfficial link

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