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Concordia Presidential Scholarship in Canada provides an excellent opportunity for students to create an extraordinary change in their lives by obtaining higher education from one of the leading universities in Canada. Fully funded undergraduate Scholarship in Canada for international students is accepting applications for the academic year 2023.

The University of Concordia Scholarship is a prestigious undergraduate scholarship program by which students who demonstrate leadership qualities can make a difference in a global society. The University of Concordia lets students become part of the institute and complete their research under the leadership of world-class professors and researchers. The fully funded scholarship in Canada is a superb chance for students to bring change through higher education from the world’s leading institutions. The University of Concordia Scholarship is a desirable undergraduate scholarship program that allows students who show leadership skills positively influence the world community.

The Concordia Presidential Scholarship 2023 is available at Concordia University, Canada. The University of Concordia was established in 1974 and is one of the top universities in Quebec. Studying in Canada has remained a goal of thousands of international students due to the quality of education and advanced learning techniques adopted by Canadian Education Institutes. International students will be able to become members of the Concordia University alumni network and benefit from that networking. Considering all the potential benefits of studying in Canada, this scholarship at the University of Concordia is a chance to be noticed as it helps in the finance of the student and makes it easier for them to concentrate on their studies.

Concordia Presidential scholarship for international students serves as a pathway for career advancement. This undergraduate scholarship allows students to choose from over 400 undergraduate programs and study in their desired field. The Canadian scholarship is not only a chance for the students to pursue higher education at Concordia University but also an opportunity to become a fellow of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, Canadian Universities Press, and the International Association of Universities.

Concordia Presidential scholarship in Canada aims to promote diversity and inclusion in higher education and provide financial support. This fully funded Canadian scholarship will cover all necessary expenses related to the undergraduate program at Concordia University, including tuition and fees, books, residence, and meal plan fees. Furthermore, the scholarship will be awarded for four years of a full-time undergraduate program if students maintain satisfactory academic results. If you are an international student interested to study in Canada, we encourage you to explore and take advantage of this opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree and achieve your goals.



All set to start your application to secure admission at Concordia Unversity for an undergraduate program. Before thinking about applying, check the benefits covered by Concordia undergraduate scholarship program in Canada. Opportunities circle has listed the advantages and funding details below.

  • The scholarship will cover the full tuition fee.
  • Students will receive a book allowance.
  • Concordia University will provide a residence for scholarship recipients.
  • International students will receive a monthly food allowance accordingly to the meal plans.
  • This scholarship will be provided for up to four years of the undergraduate program.
  • Opportunity to pursue higher education in Canada.
  • Explore career opportunities in Canada.





  • You are eligible for the Concordia Presidential Scholarship if you have been nominated by a nominator and if the school has contacted you to apply.
  • Students applying to university for the first time, in their first undergraduate degree program (have no prior university credits).
  • Will be studying full-time in a degree program *.
  • Are international students who will be paying the full international tuition and fee rate.
  • Will be starting their studies at Concordia University Fall 2023.
  • Have applied for admission, paid the application fee, and obtained a Concordia student ID number (an 8-digit number, beginning with the number.
  • As defined by Concordia University’s Undergraduate Calendar.


Eligible Regions: Canada

Application Process

  • A complete application form has to be filled out online for admission.
  • Students must upload the application to My Concordia student portal.
  • Applicants must complete the nomination form.
  • International students have to pay the admission fee.
  • Once applicants have received an 8-digit student ID, they must provide their student ID in their scholarship application.
  • If a nominator nominates you, your nominator must complete your nomination package and send it via email to [email protected]
  • Applicant must send nomination in a single Pdf file.
  • Nomination and the Concordia Presidential Scholarship application must be submitted before the deadline ends.
  • The deadline for the Canada scholarship is 9 February 2023.


Application Deadline: February 10, 2023

Application ClosedOfficial link

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