International Pharmaceutical Federation

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is THE global federation of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists – through their Member Organisations and Individual Members FIP represents four million pharmacists around the world! By becoming a FIP Member, you or your national organization are instantly a part of this worldwide network and can benefit from all it has to offer.

When you become an individual member of FIP you are immediately connected to an international network of colleagues, many of whom share the same professional interests and aspirations as you.

With your individual membership you are invited to choose, free of charge, membership in one of their practice sections or scientific special interest groups (SIGs). You are also welcome to become a member of additional sections/SIGs at a nominal fee.

Within these specialized groups, you will discover unique communities dedicated to advancing a particular area of pharmacy practice or science, all eager to welcome new members.


  • International network

    • FIP is the only worldwide network of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists that combines the broad scope of pharmacy with focused and dedicated interests of specific professional fields. FIP has nine professional practice sections and 10 special interest groups (SIGs) for the sciences.
    • Individual members have:
      • Access to FIP world congresses at a significantly reduced rate (you must be an individual member of FIP for at least two years before the Congress and
      • ALL of your membership fees must be fully paid up)
      • Access to FIP sections and SIGs with focused programmes and communications
      • Access to world leaders in the pharmacy profession and pharmaceutical sciences
      • Opportunities to meet international colleagues and exchange experiences, views and information
  • Development, involvement and action!
    • FIP creates a worldwide development and educational environment through the work of members and from the organization of conferences and symposia.
    • Individual members will have:
      • Access to continuing education programmes
      • Access to FIP conferences and symposia
      • Opportunities to participate in discussion groups, workgroups and taskforces
      • Opportunities to develop projects and initiatives and contribute to global projects
  • Information
    • FIP has access to worldwide information on the developments in the pharmacy profession and the pharmaceutical sciences. FIP makes this information available to its members through regular publications and dedicated website pages.
    • Individual members will benefit from:
      • A free subscription to the International Pharmacy Journal (IPJ)
      • Notification and access to workshops and seminars held by sections/SIGs
      • Access to the Member’s Only Section of the website, which includes abstracts and presentations from previous congresses
      • A subscription discount (90 USD) to the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the official journal of FIP’s Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences|
  • Leadership
    • FIP provides leadership in the enhancement of the pharmaceutical profession and science by issuing policy statements, guidelines and international standards. As a non-governmental organization, FIP provides input to the world healthcare decision-making process of the World Health Organization (WHO).
    • Individual members have the opportunity to:
      • Access working groups and projects in pharmacy
      • Access new international developments and trends in pharmacy
      • Become executive members of sections, boards and other FIP decision-making bodies
  • Solidarity
    • FIP and the FIP Foundation for Education and Research actively stimulate and support the education of, and research by, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, especially in areas where there is a shortage of financial means.
    • The individual member will be able to:
      • Help support and stimulate education and research in those areas where they are most needed


Check the official website for detail information on eligibilities.

Eligible Regions: Open for All.

Application Process

Apply online through the Apply Now link.

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