Internship at BBC Radio 1 Placement Scheme 2019 in UK
  • August 5 - September 27, 2019
  • Paid

Applications are now open for Internship at BBC. This will be a Radio 1 Placement Scheme under the Radio – Radio 1 & Radio 1Xtra and Asian Network in BBC London.

The placement period will take place from Monday 5th August – Friday 27th September. You’ll work with our teams across shows and departments, learning about everything they do and how they do it. From daily shows to music sessions to digital content you will get a chance to experience it all. At the start of the placement, you will be set an Radio 1 research brief to prepare and develop across the 8 weeks. You will then present your findings and ideas to senior management at the end of the placement. This could be on anything, from how they use social media to comedy. BBC will give you creative and insight training to help you with this project. You’ll have regular meetings with teams to develop your ideas.

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During your time here you will also have a mentor. They will be a senior member of the Radio 1 team who will spend time with you every week to discuss how your placement is going as well as your future plans. During your time at Radio 1, you will work with teams across both stations, spending blocks of time in different departments. You will take part in meetings and brainstorms and complete a range of duties for production teams prior to and during live shows. Hours across the placement will mainly be 10-6pm Monday to Friday. However they are 24/7 stations and keen that the interns experience and get involved with as much as possible. BBC is looking for flexible people who will be able to work weekends or alternative hours on request.


  • Want to get hands on experience across all areas at Radio 1, from music teams to programmes, to online and visualisation?
  • Want the chance to receive industry standard training from the BBC Academy?
  • Want a chance to share your creative ideas with programme teams across Radio 1 and the wider BBC?


This paid 8 week placement will give you the chance to work across the shows and departments. You’ll get hands on skills and experience at Radio 1’s HQ. This is an ‘off air’ scheme, for people interested in careers in off air digital production roles. It is NOT a scheme for people interested in presenting or being DJs.



United Kingdom


  • During your time at Radio1, you will also have a mentor. They will be a senior member of the R1 team who will spend time regularly to discuss how your placement is going as well as your future plans.
  • You will receive ‘in house’ training by the various teams you will work with as necessary to enable you to complete work across the networks.
  • The training rate is £21216 per annum- this will be pro rata’d to the 8 weeks of your placement.




  • Be creative and brilliant, passionate about radio, music and everything that appeals to a young audience.
  • Know about current music and you’ll be listening to Radio 1.
  • Be into new technology and social media and will get how this is impacting on them and the audience.
  • Be from any background, and any part of the UK. You don’t need to be a loud mouth! You could be quietly confident in your abilities.


  • This role is for people at the start of their career. If you already have paid professional experience within the media industry then you will not be eligible for this placement
  • You must already hold documentation that gives you the legal right to work in the UK to be eligible for this placement
  • You must be 18 or over by the placement start date to be eligible for this placement.


  • Be qualified! NB. You DON’T NEED any qualifications or radio experience. Instead, show them that you have a big imagination and a genuine enthusiasm for exploring and building a career in the media
Eligible Regions: United Kingdom

Application Process

Complete the online application form. The form will request the following information along with your CV:

  • Tell them about your interest in the media and the relevant things you have done – you don’t have to focus on ‘traditional’ radio experience- they love to hear about interesting and unusual projects that show your get up and go. (no more than 200 words)
  • Give them three things you think Radio 1 could do to attract younger audiences? Consider on air, off air and/or socials. (200 words)
  • Please link to 2 pieces of content, that will show them your creativity and your experience of working on creative media projects – this could be anything from a blog to your website, a piece of audio from your radio show or a short film you have made – they will have hundreds to review

    • Make it short and snappy- clip highlights from longer pieces of content, rather than sending the whole thing.
    • Make it recent
    • Make it relevant- think about the Radio 1 audience and how your clips shows you’d shine in an internship here.
    • Make sure your links work!

Please provide a brief description of each and why you have chosen to submit it.

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Application Deadline: May 24, 2019

Application ClosedOfficial link
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