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The Newton International Fellowship Scheme was established in 2008 to select the very best early career postdoctoral researchers from all over the world and enable them to work at UK research institutions for two years. Newton International Fellowships are made available by the Royal SocietyandBritish Academy

This Fellowship focuses on early career international researchers. The aims of this scheme are as follows:

  • To support the development and training of postdoctoral researchers at an early stage of their career from any country outside the UK, by providing an opportunity to work at a UK research institution for two years.
  • To ensure the best postdoctoral researchers across all relevant disciplines from around the world are supported in the UK.
  • To foster long-term relations between Newton International Fellows and the UK research base through the establishment of an alumni programme for former Fellows of this Scheme. The alumni program includes the possible provision of further funding for Newton International Fellows for follow-on activities, to enable links with UK-based researchers to be maintained and developed.

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In addition to the Newton International Fellowships, the K.C. Wong Education Foundation have generously provided the Royal Society with private funding to support additional Fellowships; candidates for which will be selected from the applications submitted to the Newton International Fellowship scheme. Due to the limited budget of the Newton International Fellowship scheme, it is not possible to support all the high-quality applications that they receive, and the private funding enables the Royal Society to fund further Fellowships.


The Newton International Fellowships provide funding for two years, covering:

  • Subsistence, at a fixed rate of £24,000 per annum.
  • Research expenses.
  • Relocation expenses.
  • Contribution to visa costs for Newton International Fellow and their dependents (partner and children)
  • Contribution to overheads at UK Host Organisation.
  • Successful applicants may also be eligible to receive annual funding following completion of their fellowship to support networking activities with UK-based researchers.


  • Applicants must have a PhD or be in the final stage of their PhD provided that it will be completed (including viva) before the start date of the fellowship. Confirmation of award of the PhD will be required before any fellowship award is confirmed.
  • Applicants should have no more than seven years active full-time postdoctoral experience at the time of application, including teaching experience, time spent in industry on research, honorary positions and/or visiting researcher positions. Career breaks must be clearly detailed and explained in the application, for example “Start and end dates -career break –maternity/paternity leave”.
  • Applicants should be working outside the UK and should not hold UK citizenship at the time of application.
  • Applicants who are not currently employed are still eligible but will need to provide details of their previous supervisor.
  • Individuals already living, working or undertaking research in the UK are noteligible to apply.
  • Individuals who have lived, worked or undertaken research in the UK in the 12 months prior to the application deadline are noteligible to apply.
  • Individuals working outside the UK but employed by a UK organisation are also noteligible to apply.
  • Applications from individuals who have not studied or worked in the UK previously are encouraged as the scheme aims to establish new links between the applicant and the UK.
  • Applicants who completed their PhD at a UK organisation must have been working and based outside the UK for at least one yearat the deadline for the application.
  • Applicants proposing to return to their UK-based PhD organisation and/or PhD supervisor or to their Post-doctoral supervisor will normally be considered to be ineligible and so applicants must haveexceptional reasons for proposing to do so.
  • Proposed Fellowships must be carried out in the UK at the UK host organisation for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • Applicants must be competent in oral and written English. The applicant must confirm their competency on the application form and the UK Co-applicant needs to include the applicant’s competency in their supporting statement.
  • Individuals who have previously been in receipt of a Newton International Fellowship are not permitted to apply again.
  • Applicants who have been unsuccessful in a previous round of the competition may make another application in this round.
Eligible Regions: Open for All except United Kingdom.

Application Process

  • Applications for the humanities and social sciences should be made to the British Academy.
  • Applications for the natural and physical sciences should be submitted through the Royal Society’s grants management system Flexi-Grant®.
  • Your application will go through the process detailed on the Making a grant application page overseen by the Newton International Fellowships Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences Panels.
  • Please provide a scientific summary of your proposed project. This should be a summary of your research proposal, briefly outlining the background and summarising the aims of your project. (Maximum 400 words).
  • Please select the subject group/area(s) that most closely defines the research area of the research proposal from the drop-down menu and tick box options. This will enable them to allocate the application to the most appropriate assessment panel.
  • Please provide a lay summary of your proposed project. This should be understood by a layperson. Explain why you have chosen to work in this subject area and what it is about the proposed research that you find particularly exciting, interesting or important.If applicable,please also explain the potential impact or wider benefits to society of your research. (Maximum 250 words).
  • Please provide details of any previous contact with the UK-based Co-applicant and indicate whether you have met them previously.
  • Training and mentorship arean important part of this Fellowship and must be included as part of the application. Please outline how the host institution will support the career development of the applicant through training and mentoring activities.(Maximum 500 words).

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Application Deadline: June 16, 2021

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