• - December 6, 2023
  • New Haven, Connecticut

The Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program is a prestigious international initiative hosted by Yale University, renowned for its commitment to fostering global leadership. This program serves as a platform to nurture and connect emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds, empowering them to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Each year, a select group of exceptional mid-career professionals, representing various sectors such as government, business, civil society, media, and the arts, are chosen as World Fellows. These individuals are distinguished by their demonstrated leadership qualities, notable achievements, and the potential to effect positive change within their respective fields.

During their four-month residency at Yale University, World Fellows engage in a rigorous and comprehensive leadership development curriculum. This curriculum is thoughtfully designed to enhance their skills, broaden their perspectives, and deepen their understanding of global challenges and opportunities. Through a combination of academic coursework, interactive workshops, and engaging discussions with renowned faculty members and experts, fellows gain valuable insights and acquire practical tools to address complex issues.

One of the program’s unique strengths lies in its emphasis on fostering a diverse and inclusive community. World Fellows from different regions and sectors come together, creating a vibrant network that encourages cross-cultural exchange, collaboration, and mutual learning. This dynamic environment encourages fellows to challenge assumptions, broaden their horizons, and develop innovative approaches to tackling global problems.

Moreover, the Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program provides fellows with unparalleled opportunities to connect with influential leaders and practitioners in various fields. These connections enable fellows to build meaningful relationships, exchange knowledge and ideas, and create networks that endure beyond the duration of the program.

Overall, the Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program at Yale University offers a transformative experience, equipping emerging leaders with the skills, knowledge, and global perspectives necessary to drive change and make a lasting positive impact within their communities and beyond.


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  • Global Network: Fellows become part of a diverse and influential network of emerging leaders from around the world, fostering lifelong connections and collaborations.
  • Leadership Development: The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that enhances leadership skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Academic Excellence: Fellows have access to Yale University’s world-class faculty and resources, engaging in academic coursework tailored to their individual interests and professional goals.
  • Cross-Sectoral Exchange: Fellows come from various sectors, creating a unique environment for interdisciplinary learning and fostering innovative approaches to global challenges.
  • Personal Growth: The program provides opportunities for self-reflection, personal development, and the exploration of new perspectives, leading to enhanced self-awareness and growth.


  • Applicants should be between five and twenty-five years into their professional careers, with demonstrated and significant accomplishments at a regional, national, or international level. The average age of a World Fellow is 39, though there is no minimum or maximum age limit.
  • Applicants must be citizens of a country other than the United States. While applicants who hold dual citizenship with the United States are eligible, strong preference is given to candidates whose work is focused outside the United States.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English. An excellent command of the English language is essential to successfully participating in the program.
  • World Fellows are required to be in residence at Yale University in New Haven for the entirety of the program which runs from mid-August through mid-December.
Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Process

  • The application process for admission to the World Fellows Program is done entirely online. There are no paper forms to complete or mail.
  • There is no application fee or other cost to apply.
  • Prior to the deadline, you may work on your application at any time and submit it when you are ready. After creating an account and accessing the online application, you can upload materials and request your letters of recommendation.
  • Applicants are required to submit a résumé/curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages), a personal statement (maximum 1000 words), and three letters of recommendation. Applicants also have the option of submitting a brief video statement. Comprehensive instructions can be found within the online application once you create an account.

Application Deadline: December 6, 2023

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For Further Queries

For further queries contact by filling up the form -https://worldfellows.yale.edu/contact/
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