• July 31 - September 22, 2023
  • Partial Scholarship
  • Online

To protect the children they love, children worldwide, parents, grandparents, and other caregivers are acting on climate change all over the world. The Climate Parent Fellowship supports parent-led, grassroots Family-focused, cross-generational climate engagement work. It has allowed 27 organizers from 19 nations in its second year. Worldwide to advance and expand their initiatives, businesses, strategies, and campaigns. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Australia have all sent fellows to date. Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Mexico, Poland, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Uganda, the Solomon Islands, Rwanda, South Africa, the UK, the US, and. A part-time stipend, training, and mentoring are provided to fellows. which seeks to increase the sustainability of their climate organizing efforts. The Fellowship serves as a network for peer learning as well.

Candidates from all over the world are welcome to submit applications. Applications from people of color and from the areas most adversely affected by environmental injustice on a social, economic, or social-political level are highly encouraged. The Global South will be represented by at least half of the Fellows appointed. Applications from individuals in the Global North with a variety of backgrounds, identities, and abilities are also encouraged.

This Fellowship is a chance for individuals; applications from groups are not accepted. It is strongly advised to organizations to talk about, choose, and nominate one individual per organization when multiple members of a single group or organization are interested in the Fellowship. Information sessions will be held, so that people can find out more about the Fellowship on 9 August at 8 pm and 14 September at 4 am.

Across the world, parents, grandparents, and caregivers are taking climate action to protect the kids they love, children everywhere, and their shared home. The Climate Parent Fellowship aims to support parent-led, intergenerational, and family-centered climate engagement work.

The Fellowship is open for NEW applications from Monday 31 July 2023 with applications closing on Friday 22 September 2023 at 11.59 ET. The Fellowship is a year-long program. They are now recruiting for their 2024 cohort, which will commence in early 2024.




  • Training and mentorship from experienced climate organizers: Fellows will have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by experienced climate organizers from around the world. This will help them to develop their skills and knowledge in climate activism and advocacy.
  • A part-time stipend: Fellows will receive a part-time stipend of $15000-$20000 USD to help support their climate organizing work. This will allow them to focus on their fellowship activities without having to worry about financial constraints.
  • A supportive and diverse peer-to-peer learning network: Fellows will be part of a supportive and diverse peer-to-peer learning network. This will give them the opportunity to connect with other parents who are passionate about climate action and to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • The opportunity to grow one’s creative ideas, campaigns, and projects: Fellows will have the opportunity to grow their creative ideas, campaigns, and projects. They will receive support from the fellowship team to help them to develop their ideas and to make them a reality.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the emerging climate-parent movement: Fellows will have the opportunity to contribute to the emerging climate-parent movement. They will be part of a growing network of parents who are working together to build a more sustainable future for their children.


  • Must be over 18 years old.
  • Must be working on parent-led, intergenerational, or family-centered climate-organizing work.
  • Must have a track record of leadership or activism in the climate movement.
  • Must be able to commit to a year-long fellowship program.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English.
Eligible Regions: Open for all

Application Process

  • Read the selection criteria. The selection criteria outline the qualities that the fellowship is looking for in a candidate. Make sure to understand the criteria and demonstrate how those can be met in the application.
  • Complete the application form. The application form asks for contact information, experience in climate organizing, and one’s goals for the fellowship. Be sure to answer all of the questions thoughtfully and to provide as much detail as possible.
  • Submit a video pitch. The video pitch is a chance to introduce oneself to the selection committee and to share his/her passion for climate action. Submitted video should be no more than 2 minutes long.
  • Provide two references. Ask two people who know you well to write letters of reference on your behalf. Your references should be able to speak to your skills, experience, and commitment to climate action.

Application Deadline: September 22, 2023

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

For further questions about the Fellowship and application process, please email [email protected] with the subject “Applying for Climate Parent Fellowship”. Please make sure to read all the documents available before sending any question and allow two working days for the response.
Disclaimer: Youth Opportunities spreads opportunities for your convenience and ease based on available information, and thus, does not take any responsibility of unintended alternative or inaccurate information. As this is not the official page, we recommend you to visit the official website of opportunity provider for complete information. For organizations, this opportunity is shared with sole purpose of promoting “Access to Information” for all and should not be associated with any other purposes.

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