• Partially Funded
  • Ommen, the Netherlands

Make it Happen! – Youth exchange in the Netherlands is a learning program. It requires full focus and participation.

“Some people want it to happen,
some wish it would happen,
others make it happen.” Michael Jordan

The mission of the exchange is to combat youth unemployment promoting the entrepreneurship as a path of creativity, a solution of unemployment in Europe, and a path for self-fulfillment.
The approach used in this project is based on empowerment, meaning they will create a safe environment for learning for participants. With their approach, they would like to support the development of skills and attitudes. The learning process is designed as a whole and this requires full-time participation.They planned the follow up of the training in such a way that it will give you the opportunity to become actively involved in improving the environment, whilst putting in practice what individual has discovered in the training.

Travel reimbursement is only sent to those who fully participate in all phases, including the follow-up and dissemination.

Their partner Heimat Foundation in the Netherlands is announcing their fresh, brand new project – Make it Happen!

The mission of the Heimat Foundation is to create a better world that works for everyone. A world where everybody is driven by love, directed by care for themselves and the others and work in cooperation.

They strive for a world that people live the life they want to live and become the change they want to see in the world. They believe that such a world is possible through building up on the values of LOVE CARE and COOPERATION, respect of the diverse cultures and active participation of the people in their communities, nations and the common European identity.




  • Bring 35 young people together from organization who work directly with entrepreneurship and combat youth unemployment.
  • Increase the key competencies during the Youth Exchange
  • Create an online campaign on social media platforms about initiative and entrepreneurship in youth during the youth exchange of the project and after.
  • Promote active citizenship and social inclusion for all young people.
  • This is learning program funded by Erasmus+ programme.
  • Travel reimbursement is only sent to those who fully participate in all phases, including the follow-up and dissemination.


  • As a group leader:
    • 18+ years old
    • Committed to take part in all the phases and main activities (APV, Exchange, Follow-Up)
    • Involved with one of the partner organizations
    • Eager to create workshops during and after the Exchange
    • Inspiring and enthusiastic spirit with sense of initiative
    • Eager to create, act, empower and lead a change
  • As a participants:
    • Between 18-30 years old
    • Coming from Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Portugal or Netherlands
    • Coming from communities who face social, geographical or economical obstacles in your life
    • You face long-term unemployment
    • Able to work in simple English
    • Highly motivated and willing to actively participate during the whole duration of the project, the Exchange itself and follow up activities
Eligible Regions: Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands

Application Process

Apply online by filling in the form given in the Apply Now link.

Application Deadline: November 2, 2018

Application ClosedOfficial link
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