• January 24 - February 6, 2022

Long before COVID-19 forced colleges and universities to go exclusively online with their educational models, virtual exchanges became popular worldwide. Between the growing global population, intercultural use of social media, and increased power of technology, virtual exchanges allow educators to change the way people envision a traditional classroom.

Thus, they offer ASIA – EUROPE CONFERENCE & EXCHANGE PROGRAM to provide exchange and learning activities from TOP UNIVERSITIES from Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, and Netherland to students/participants from around the world.

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ASIA – EUROPE CONFERENCE & EXCHANGE PROGRAM is a global online conference combined with an exchange for youth all over the world to escalate global skills in leadership, negotiation, and education comprehensively in a session. This program aims to equip youth with the required skills-knowledge to be a global leader who is well-aware of the global problems and prepare the youth with good education quality by learning from the various World-Class Universities in Europe and Asia.

This program is an official program organized by Studec Academy (under Studec International) in collaboration with the Centre of Leadership and Entrepreneurial Studies University of Indonesia (CSEL UI) and ASIA E-UNIVERSITY, MALAYSIA to facilitate young leaders and students experience student exchange and international programs through the home. As this program is an official collaboration with ASIA E-UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA, all selected delegates will get the privilege to get an OFFICIAL Recommendation Letter and Merit Scholarship for study in ASIA E-UNIVERSITY.


  • VERIFIED/OFFICIAL CERTIFICATES (as Delegate and Company Visit Participant) & WINNER CERTIFICATE

The participants will get 2 official certificates issued by verified and international organizations. These certificates have high value and are able to support your education and career path. The winner of the challenge will get an additional winner certificate too.


The participants will get an ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT issued by a verified and international organization. These certificates have high value and are able to support your education and career path.

  • RECOMMENDATION LETTER STUDY ABROAD (Study in Malaysia without test)

The participants will get Recommendation Letter to study and exchange students without tests. This recommendation for the study is available for Bachelor Degree, Extension Study from Diploma to Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.


  • Young professionals working at NGOs, think tank organizations, civil society, companies, consultancy, or government sectors.
  • Young Activist
  • Students (University and High School Students)
Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Process

  1. Register at Apply Now link.
  2. LoA will be sent 2 days after registration day
  3. Complete the exchange payment

Looking for fully-funded opportunities, install the Youth Opportunities Android or iOS App here.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2022

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

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