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Build Bridges with Diverse Cultures!

Your Big Year is challenging young leaders across the world to build positive bridges between diverse cultures! In fact, young leaders from 106 countries have already participated in five virtual challenges!

If you want to create long-lasting friendships, learn new skills, and make a real impact – then the Your Big Year Global Citizens Challenge is for you! Their online dynamic program provides young people with a transformative, and collaborative way to meet and work with peers from around the world. By participating, you will gain skills in digital collaboration, social impact, and cultural understanding, and learn about future career-building opportunities directly from professionals.

Their participants are in every time zone around the world. Therefore, the event has been designed with flexibility. Participants join at all hours between school, work, and other commitments – and some have so much fun that they stay on 24/7!!

The 4-day conference has a specific agenda for each day including a daily ceremony with speakers, leadership sessions, virtual hangouts, fireside chats, and creative collaboration on an international hub that is open 24/7.

At Your Big Year, they envision a world where young people can reach their full capacity and apply their unique capabilities to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. Their long-term goal is to provide equitable opportunities as they believe anyone can make an impact – big or small.


SDG 4 aims to provide children and young people with quality and easy access to education plus other learning opportunities. One of its targets is to achieve universal literacy and numeracy. A major component in acquiring knowledge and valuable skills in the learning environment. Hence, an urgent need to build more educational facilities and upgrade the present ones to provide safe, inclusive, and effective learning environments for all.


Goal 10 calls for reducing inequalities in income as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic or other status within a country. This goal also addresses inequalities among countries, including those related to representation, migration, and development assistance.

Their mission is to empower young people to make an impact in their lives and in their world.




  • Learn something new
  • Had a positive experience
  • Learn something new about a different culture
  • Gain more understanding of other cultures
  • Non-native English speakers practiced their language skills
  • The confidence to pursue their dreams
  • New like-minded, passionate friends who support their goals
  • The skills they don’t teach you in school  (for example: how to network, expand your horizons, and build relationships across cultures)
  • An action plan that empowered them to start planning out their next project or career step



  • December 1-3, 2023 – ages 20-30 – apply by November 20
  • February 22-25, 2024 – ages 15-20 – apply by January 20
Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Process

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Application Deadline: November 20, 2023

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