UNLEASH Hacks are localized hackathons designed to address sustainability challenges in specific contexts around the world.

Through a collaborative 2-day event, organized by UNLEASH Alumni, passionate talents work with local stakeholders and community leaders to collectively solve problems and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Each hack focuses on one region, one SDG challenge and one format. UNLEASH Alumni will be hosting all hacks online in 2020.

3 Tailored Formats

Depending on the needs of the local communities and the maturity of existing solutions within the ecosystem, 3 different formats are available:


Young talents collaborate with local stakeholders to frame and research sustainability challenges based on community needs and generate innovative ideas with the potential for scale.


“Idea Leaders” present solution concepts to an audience of young talents and experts, who join their teams to prototype the ideas in actionable and testable ways.


“Solution Leaders”, driving solutions addressing the SDGs, are supported by world-class experts to plan the resources and strategy needed to reach their beneficiaries in an efficient and scalable way.

The event is supported by UNLEASH, MeXOXO, One Young World, AWS and more to be announced.

2020: Online

Note that to be part of a Hack this year, you will need to have access to a computer and good internet connection during the program. UNLEASH will provide all collaboration platforms to be used along with user guides.



  • Gain new experiences by working on a topic that is close to your heart, with dozens of other talents from your region, each with strong networks and proven talent and drive.
  • Become an SDG pioneer and access a community of passionate and local changemakers, who can help you test, brainstorm and develop new ideas.
  • Solve important sustainability challenges in your region or country, and create solutions that can achieve a measurable difference towards the SDGs.


  • Demonstrated passion and commitment to solving the world’s pressing challenges
  • A creative and innovative mindset
  • Willingness to engage in co-creation with peers and experts
  • Proficiency in English with the ability to engage in complex discussions
  • Approximately 20-35 years old
Eligible Regions: Multiple

Application Process

Visit the Apply Now link.

Looking for fully-funded opportunities, install the Youth Opportunities Android or iOS App here.

Application Deadline: November 22, 2020

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

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