• July 7 - 10, 2023
  • Dubai

The 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an immersive and transformative program designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world. Organized annually, this boot camp serves as a platform for participants to develop essential skills, gain invaluable knowledge, and cultivate a global network of like-minded individuals.

Spanning several days, the boot camp takes place in a vibrant and entrepreneurial city, selected each year to provide participants with an inspiring environment. The program is carefully curated with a combination of workshops, interactive sessions, and experiential learning opportunities. Renowned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders serve as mentors and guides, sharing their expertise and insights throughout the boot camp.

The curriculum of the 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp covers a wide range of topics crucial to entrepreneurial success. Participants engage in workshops focused on ideation, business model development, market research, financial planning, marketing strategies, and pitching techniques. They also delve into emerging trends such as social entrepreneurship, sustainable business practices, and leveraging technology for innovation.

One of the key highlights of the boot camp is the opportunity for participants to work in diverse teams on real-world business challenges. Through collaborative projects, they enhance their problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and teamwork dynamics.

Beyond the formal sessions, the 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp fosters a vibrant and inclusive community atmosphere. Participants from different cultures and backgrounds forge lasting connections, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Networking events, mentorship sessions, and informal gatherings facilitate meaningful interactions, enabling participants to broaden their perspectives and build relationships with industry professionals.

The 9th Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp has earned a reputation as a prestigious platform that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex world of startups. It serves as a launchpad for innovative ideas, fostering a global community of entrepreneurial leaders committed to driving positive change in their respective fields.


United Arab Emirates


  • Skill Development: Participants gain valuable skills in areas such as ideation, business modeling, market research, financial planning, marketing strategies, and pitching techniques. These skills are essential for launching and growing successful startups.
  • Knowledge Enhancement: Through interactive workshops and sessions led by industry experts and entrepreneurs, participants gain insights into emerging trends, sustainable business practices, social entrepreneurship, and technological innovation.
  • Networking Opportunities: The boot camp provides a unique platform for participants to build a global network of like-minded individuals, mentors, and industry professionals. Networking events and mentorship sessions facilitate connections that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and future opportunities.
  • Experiential Learning: The boot camp offers hands-on, experiential learning opportunities such as team projects and real-world business challenges. Participants can apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in practical settings, enhancing their problem-solving and teamwork abilities.
  • International Exposure: Participants have the chance to experience the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a vibrant city chosen as the boot camp’s location each year. This exposure helps broaden perspectives and provides insights into diverse markets and cultures.
  • Pitch Competition: The boot camp culminates in a pitch competition where participants present their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of judges. This provides an opportunity to receive feedback, validation, and recognition for their projects.


  • Age: Participants are generally required to be above a certain age (e.g., 18 or 21) due to the program’s intensity and the nature of the content covered.
  • Entrepreneurial Aspirations: The boot camp primarily targets individuals with a strong interest in entrepreneurship, whether they have an existing business or a business idea they want to pursue.
  • Academic Background: While not always mandatory, applicants with a background in business, entrepreneurship, or related fields may have an advantage during the selection process.
  • English Proficiency: Since the boot camp is conducted in English, applicants are often required to demonstrate proficiency in the language through standardized tests or other means.
  • Global Outlook: The boot camp encourages applications from individuals around the world, aiming to create a diverse and inclusive cohort. There may not be specific nationality restrictions, and participants from various backgrounds are welcome to apply.
Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Process

  • Online Application: Interested individuals must complete an online application form, providing relevant personal and entrepreneurial details.
  • Resume/CV Submission: Participants are usually required to submit their resume or curriculum vitae highlighting their educational background, work experience, and any entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Statement of Purpose: Applicants are typically asked to write a statement of purpose explaining their entrepreneurial aspirations, their motivation for attending the boot camp, and what they hope to gain from the experience.
  • Selection Process: The selection committee reviews the applications and shortlists candidates based on their qualifications, entrepreneurial potential, and motivation. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or additional assessments.
  • Notification: Successful applicants are notified of their acceptance to the boot camp, usually via email or through the program’s website.
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