The AfroCreatives WikiProject +film is a campaign to mobilize African film creatives, professionals and film enthusiasts to enhance information on Wikipedia about the art and industry of African film. Its first effort is a 4-country edit-a-thon campaign from 16 July – 6 August aimed at generating a landmark number of contributions on the film industries of Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda and Senegal. The campaign will kick off with an online local training session in each of these countries on 16th July for individuals who are new to contributing to Wikipedia.


  • Increase African-generated content about the film sector of Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal on Wikipedia and on the web.
  • Create awareness and interest among the general public about the project and create visibility of the African film industries of Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal on Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  • Help build the capacity within the film industry in Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal to contribute knowledge to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  • Help propagate the need to create more content about the film industry in Africa that promotes culture, history and the heritage of our people.

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  • Film Industry Creatives and Professional
  • Film Enthusiasts


Local Awards

  • Outstanding Contributor Award Prize: $1,750 Amazon Gift Card
  • Outstanding Contributor – Runner-Up Prize: $1,250 Amazon Gift Card
  • Newbie Award Prize: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card

International Awards

  • Star Performer  Prize: $2,500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Quality of Content Award  Prize: $2,000 Amazon Gift Card
  • Content Creator Award  Prize: $2,000 Amazon Gift Card
  • Gender Award  Prize: $2,000 Amazon Gift Card


Campaign Rules

  • All participants must create a Wikipedia account and be signed in before making any edits.
  • Make sure you are registered on your country’s dashboard, so your edits can be tracked as part of the campaign.
  • All contributions as part of the campaign must follow or be related to the theme of the campaign, African cinema, with a particular focus on Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal. Editing Articles outside this scope will not count.
  • Edits should focus on fixing typos, adding categories, adding references, wikilinking, and creating stubs or articles. Any edits outside this such as adding infoboxes, images, etc. are welcome and may earn you additional points.
  • Double/multiple performances of one task as several edits on an article count as one edit. For example, fixing two different typos over two different edits on an article counts as one edit, not two.
  • Points are not given when an edit is made to correct a previous edit by the same participant.
  • Responses to messages on talk pages and reverted edits do not count as an edit.
Eligible Regions: Africa

Application Process


  • Egypt:
  • Nigeria:
  • Rwanda:
  • Senegal:

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