The Star Track Space Tournament 2019 in Ukraine
  • - November 2, 2019
  • Fully Funded

Star Track is an innovative space rocket tournament organized by Noosphere for the fourth time. Students, postgraduate students, young scientists, rocket enthusiasts are invited to participate in the tournament.

Teams and individual StarTrack participants create and present scientific or practical projects in five areas to choose from:

  • Near-orbital research solid-fueled vehicle complexes
  • Near-orbit research vehicle complexes with liquid-fueled engines
  • CanSat launch vehicles. CanSat machinery
  • Payloads, science research and educational experiments of near-orbit launch vehicles
  • Freestyle: aerospace technology and materials

In order to participate, teams should:

  • submit an application by 29.10.2019;
  • prepare task solutions and presentations;
  • present their solution during the pitching session on the 2nd of November.


Award is 25,000 UAH (about $1,000)


The following groups of people are welcome:

  • Students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Young scientists
  • Rocketry enthusiasts

Every team should present and prove the idea and technical concept of their project.

In general, participants should complete the following tasks and requirements:

Time limits:

  • up to 10 minutes for the public presentation
  • up to 10 minutes for Q&A session with judges and audience

The presentation and additional materials should be gathered on the separate folder on USB disc.

Participants should warn organizers beforehand in case of presenting self-made programming products.

Naturals-sized and other models of launch vehicles should be presented in the fireproof and explosion-proof state. Models shouldn’t be dangerous for participants and attenders.

Participants should warn organizers beforehand in case of necessity to demonstrate system functionality on practice.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Process

Judges score the project according to the score anonymous principle. The score for each criterion is formed by the direct average of every judge scorecard.

The results are published with all the details by an average score for every criterion

Application Deadline: October 29, 2019

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

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