Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In the dynamic landscape of global entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality. As the world’s premier pitch competition and support program, EWC 2024 is set to ignite a spark of ingenuity, connecting innovators from diverse backgrounds and industries to a global network of mentors, investors, and partners. The EWC 2024 theme, “Unleashing Global Innovation,” encapsulates the spirit of the competition, emphasizing the boundless potential of entrepreneurship to tackle global challenges and shape a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future. This year’s EWC will welcome groundbreaking ideas across a wide spectrum of industries, from healthcare and education to technology and environmental sustainability. EWC 2024 is open to entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe, regardless of their stage of development. Whether you’re just starting out with a fledgling idea or an established business seeking to scale to new heights, EWC provides a platform for your venture to shine. With no entry fees and a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, EWC 2024 is truly accessible to all. The EWC 2024 journey begins with a virtual pitch competition, where entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative solutions to a panel of esteemed judges. The top contenders will advance to the EWC Global Finals, a grand event where they will present their ideas to a global audience of investors, industry leaders, and media representatives. Beyond the competition, EWC 2024 offers a comprehensive support system for entrepreneurs, providing access to mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to help them navigate the complexities of starting and running a business. This unwavering support extends beyond the competition, empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in the long term. The Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024 is more than just a competition; it’s a catalyst for global innovation, a movement that empowers entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality and shape a brighter future for all. Join us as we unleash the limitless potential of entrepreneurship and ignite a global revolution of change.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) is a global startup pitch competition that has been running since 2019. It is one of the largest and most diverse of its kind, with over 370,000 entrepreneurs from over 200 countries participating. Winners of the competition receive cash prizes, in-kind prizes, and opportunities to reach the next stage in their company’s journey. EWC is more than just a competition; it also provides coaching, training, and high-value entrepreneurship programs. The network you build throughout the competition can offer invaluable guidance and support to help your company grow. All entrepreneurs are welcome to participate, regardless of their location, industry, or company stage. We encourage you to apply for EWC 2024 and be part of another great year of competition and global connectivity.


Saudi Arabia


  • Cash Prizes: EWC 2024 will award over $1 million in cash prizes to the top entrepreneurs. This can provide much-needed financial support to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

  • In-Kind Prizes: EWC 2024 will also award over $75 million in in-kind prizes to the top entrepreneurs. This can include valuable resources such as legal services, accounting services, and marketing support.

  • Networking Opportunities: EWC 2024 is a great opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. This can help you build valuable relationships that can help you grow your business.

  • Mentorship: EWC 2024 provides mentorship opportunities to all participants. This can help you get the guidance and support you need to succeed in your business.

  • Training: EWC 2024 offers a variety of training programs to help entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to succeed. This can include training on topics such as pitching, marketing, and finance.

  • Global Exposure: EWC 2024 is a global competition that will give your business exposure to a worldwide audience. This can help you attract investors and customers.

  • Community: EWC 2024 provides a supportive community of entrepreneurs. This can help you feel connected and supported as you build your business.


  • There is no entry fee.
  • Any startup from around the world is welcome to apply and become an Applicant.
  • Applicant startups must be legally registered or planning to register in their country of residence.
  • Applicant startups must be ten years or less old by the date of the Global Finals. Entity age is set by the date of company registration and not idea conception.
  • EWC Global Winners who won cash prizes during previous editions of the EWC Global Finals (2019-2023) are eligible to participate again in 2024 with certain candidacy considerations for future would-be prizes:
  • EWC Applicants can only be eligible for different prize categories than the prize they earned during previous participation in the competition.
  • Only EWC Grand Prize winners (first place overall) are ineligible to participate as applicant candidates for EWC 2024.
  • Any past second through fifth-place winners and/or category winners are eligible and encouraged to apply, but cannot compete for the same placement.
  • To encourage fairness in competition, there is no fast track for past winners to compete in the Global Finals, and all applicants will pass through the same judging process.
  • For example: Entrant A won the Idea Stage prize in 2021. If Applicant A reapplies, they will only be considered for EWC category prizes and/or non-Idea Stage “ranked prizes
  • For example: Entrant B wins a specific category prize in 2023. If Applicant B reapplies, they will only be considered for any category prize except the prize they previously won and/or all ranked prizes.
  • For example: Entrant C won second place in 2020. If Applicant B reapplies, they will only be considered for EWC category prizes and/or any ranked prize except second place.
  • Employees of the organizers, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotional agencies, suppliers, and immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  • By submitting an application to participate in the Entrepreneurship World Cup, you are agreeing to and accepting the Terms of Use set out below under the Terms and Conditions.
Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Process

  • Applications must be entered on the official application platform available at entrepreneurshipworldcup.com to be considered.
  • Applications must have a minimum of one (1) representative, and this representative must be an executive-level member authorized or deputized to act on behalf of the applicant organization.
  • Submitted applications will be considered to be a “team”, regardless of its company size, according to the categories of the competition (see ‘Categories’ section below).
  • The applicant team member representing the company must be 18 years old at the time of submission.
  • If an aspiring applicant does not meet the minimum age criteria but has an idea or registered company that wants to be considered for admission into the competition, the following provisions must be held:
    • A parent or legal guardian must act as a co-applicant.
    • The parent or legal guardian of the applicant must consent to all EWC participation and provisions in the representation of their child.
    • The applicant acknowledges that if selected to participate in the EWC Global Finals, both the applicant and the parent or legal guardian will travel as company representatives.
    • The parent legal guardian, and applicant, must conform to all visa requirements and entry processes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • The applicant acknowledges that travel and hospitality costs for the parent or legal guardian are not covered by the EWC Global Team or its sponsors and/or hosts.
  • Application submissions must be the original work solely of the participating company.
  • Only completed applications meeting competition deadlines will be considered.
  • English is the only official language of the EWC at the global level- this includes all virtual and live public-facing pitching opportunities, the Global Finals event, and boot camps and/or training experiences.
    • Applications must be completed and submitted in English
    • Non-English speaking applicants are welcome to apply but must disclose at least one (1) English-speaking team member that can serve as its company representative.
    • If selected to participate in a National Finals or Global Final event, the team member with sufficient English language proficiency must represent the company.
  • Applicants must take all necessary steps to ensure adequate protection of any intellectual property that might be described in their submission (i.e. appropriate intellectual property filings, patent, and copyright notices, etc.).
    • EWC Global commits to a policy of not monetizing applicant data.
    • EWC Global commits to holding applicant data only for the purposes of the competition journey (application intake, national judging, EWC boot camp, and Global Finals).
    • Applicants agree to the limitation of liability provisions and all other terms and conditions set out in the Terms of Use below.
  • The Global Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any submission at any time that, in its judgment and discretion, violates the spirit of the competition, its guidelines, processes, and Rules or Terms and Conditions.
  • Any Participating Team engaging in unethical activities, including lying, misrepresentation, non-disclosure of material information, or any activity that may adversely affect the image of EWC or Organizers, will be disqualified and barred from participation in all EWC-related activities.
  • Applicants agree to participate in media and press opportunities related to the EWC competition.
    • EWC Global Staff will offer advance notice to any participants of such opportunities as they arise.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2024

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