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Swedish Institute Third Country Participation in the Baltic Sea Region offers Swedish actors the opportunity to apply for project funding for the inclusion of actors from Russia or the countries of the EU Eastern Partnership in a current EU project or a flagship within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

The projects applying for funding for Third Country Participation in the Baltic Sea Region will contribute to economic, environmentally and socially sustainable growth in the Baltic Sea region and its immediate area. In the long term they will contribute to an increased integration in the region. The projects will work on a common challenge in the region and benefit all participating actors.

The Swedish Institute is a public agency that encourages interest and trust in Sweden around the world. They operate in the fields of culture, education, science and business in seeking to strengthen ties and promote development. Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region shall contribute to the overall objectives of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region; Save the Sea, Connect the Region, Increase Prosperity. The Swedish Institute’s activities will also contribute to strengthened democracy, increased respect for human rights and a more developed rule of law in the Eastern Partnership. Furthermore, the cooperation will contribute to increased integration between the EU countries of the Baltic Sea Region and the countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership and Russia.The Swedish Institute finances exchanges and partnerships for both individuals and organizations. Through scholarships, visiting and leadership programmes and support for project collaboration, the Swedish Institute contributes to increased capacity, networking, long-term relationships and cooperation between Sweden and other countries in the Baltic Sea Region. All activities will help the countries jointly meet common challenges in line with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the EU Eastern Partnership.



A project may apply for up to SEK 350.000 for a 1-year project and up to SEK 700.000 for a 2-year project


  • The main applicant has to be based in Sweden.
  • The application must include at least two actors in two different countries eligible for support, one of which is Sweden (as main applicant).
  • The funding is available for actors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Sweden and Ukraine.
  • The application must be linked to a current EU project where one of the parties involved is the Swedish applicant. Alternatively, the application may be linked to a flagship under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in which the Swedish applicant is involved.
  • A project may run for no longer than 2 years and no less than six months.
Eligible Regions: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Sweden and Ukraine

Application Process

  • Please find the application documents below.
  • Before filling in the application documents please read the Instructions.
  • Download, save and fill in the application documents.
  • Save the completed forms on your computer.
  • Some documents can be found both in English and in Swedish. Some documents, which are intended only for the Swedish main applicant, can only be found in Swedish.
  • Go to apply apply link.
  • You can switch to an English version of the online application form on the upper right-hand side of the website.
  • Start by creating an account.
  • Fill in the online application form.

Application Deadline: October 18, 2018

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

For further queries: Annika Claesson: [email protected] +46 8 453 78 58 Katrine Larsen: [email protected] +46 8 453 79 62 Camilla Wristel: camilla.wristel(a)si.se +46 8 453 79 67
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