The Agence Française de Developpement (AFD) and the Global Development Network (GDN) have joined hands to launch a global video contest targeting young researchers conducting quality work on the transitions that are shaping development today – locally, regionally or globally. Young scholars based and operating in the global South are invited to submit to the contest short, self-produced videos. Drawing from their own scientific endeavours and that of others in their field of work, young researchers are asked to communicate clearly and concisely about the societal challenges and dynamics they are studying. Using a language that is appropriate for a wide audience of non-specialists, the videos should aim at bringing into public discussions quality and up-to-date knowledge on the key development transitions shaping our lives.

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Videos can focus on any of the following areas (the list is indicative and not exhaustive):

  • Global picture: ODA, sustainable development, SDGs, anthropological and technological revolution, decision making in a complex world, digital revolution, knowledge revolution, etc.
  •  Climate and energy transition: Energy, climate change
  •  Territorial and ecological transition: urban development, environmental degradation, natural resource management in all sectors, biodiversity mainstreaming, actions for sustainable living
  • Demographic and social transition: demographic trends, migration, gender issues, poverty, inequality, education, health, the future of work, cultural issues, vulnerability and fragility, conflict prevention
  •  Economic and financial transition: growth, development finance, trade, structural transformations
  •  Political and civic transition: governance, corruption, political regimes, political participation
  •  Methodological issues : development measurements, concept of transition, measures of well-being, prospective
  •  Emerging approaches : Sustainability science or Sustainability Transitions Research


All shortlisted participants who go through the revision and resubmission will compete for monetary prizes worth EUR 6,000.


  • Disciplinary expertise: The competition is open to researchers with at least a Master’s degree in social sciences. Applicants from the natural sciences are welcome to apply if they are currently working in larger multidisciplinary teams with social scientists.
  •  Age: up to 40 years old on July 4th, 2021
  •  Professional/academic affiliation: the contest is open to researchers with at least a Master’s degree, and who spend a significant part of their time working on academically informed research, irrespective of the registration status of their institution of affiliation. For example, applicants based in NGOs or think tanks and who conduct academically informed research, are welcome to apply even if they do not have an academic affiliation. This presumes you have a list of publications you can attach to your CV.
  •  Nationality: the contest is open to all researchers affiliated to an institution based in one of the countries listed in the official link PDF, irrespective of their nationality.
  • Language: applicants are requested to submit their videos and application in English or French
Eligible Regions: Multiple Regions (Check the official website for details)

Application Process

  • To apply, log in at the application platform through the apply now link between April 13th and July 4th.
  • The applicants will be asked to submit:
    • Up to date CV, including a list of publications and of ongoing research projects, with links to public information about them whenever possible.
    •  A copy of your passport or ID.
    •  A copy of your Master’s degree certificate.
    •  A link to your original video uploaded on YouTube. The visibility of the video will have to be set to private, and only accessible to people with a direct link on YouTube till the end of the competition. Only the URL to the video will need to be submitted as part of the application on the application platform. Please follow the ‘How To’ document for further details on the video, including links to examples.
    •  A copyright transfer declaration, as per the form provided on the application platform, to allow GDN and AFD to review and re-publish your video. This will be available on the application platform.

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Application Deadline: July 4, 2021

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

Visit the official website for further queries.
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