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The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate a business while attending college or university. The competition is hosted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a global network of over 14,000 entrepreneurs.

The GSEA is open to students from all over the world who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs. To be eligible, students must have been operating their business for at least six months and have generated at least US$500 in revenue.

The competition is divided into three stages: local, national, and global. On the local stage, students compete against other students in their community. The winners of the local stage advance to the national stage, where they compete against students from other countries. The winners of the national stage advance to the global stage, which is held in a different city each year.

The history of EO GSEA

The program originates at the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University, encompassing participants from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The competition’s name changes to “Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA)” to reflect its new global scope. Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) takes over the program to provide a sustainable model, and continued growth and expansion. Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) takes over the program to provide a sustainable model, and continued growth and expansion. Student nominations reach 1,000. GSEA expands into 12 new countries, for a total of 18. Local and national competitions have grown to over fifty locations. Fifty student finalists from 50 different countries attended the Global Finals in Bangkok, Thailand. GSEA expands into six new countries, for a total of 56. Own the Room is released. The film follows the inspirational journeys of five GSEA finalists on the road to the Global Finals. “Start it Up season launches with over 1.5 Million views.

The global stage of the GSEA is a week-long event that includes workshops, mentoring, and networking opportunities. The winners of the global stage receive a total prize package of US$100,000, including cash, in-kind services, and mentorship.

The GSEA is a great opportunity for student entrepreneurs to gain recognition for their businesses, connect with other entrepreneurs, and learn from mentors. All the student entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for the GSEA.


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  • Mentorship: GSEA provides students with access to experienced entrepreneurs who can provide guidance and support. This mentorship can be invaluable in helping students grow their businesses.
  • Networking: GSEA gives students the opportunity to network with other student entrepreneurs from around the world. This networking can help students build relationships, learn from each other, and find collaborators.
  • Media exposure: GSEA winners and finalists receive media exposure, which can help them raise awareness of their businesses and attract new customers and investors.
  • Prizes: GSEA winners receive cash prizes, which can help them grow their businesses.
  • Recognition: GSEA winners are recognized as some of the top student entrepreneurs in the world. This recognition can help them build credibility and attract new customers and investors.


  • At the time of application, you must be registered as an undergraduate or graduate* student for the current academic year at a university or institution. Part-time attendance is acceptable; full-time enrolment is not needed.
  • Your student business must have you as the owner, the founder, or the majority shareholder. There can only be one student entrepreneur owner/co-founder per company.
  • Prior to applying, your student-run firm had to have been running for at least six months straight.
  • At the time of application, your company had to have made US $500 or received US $1,000 in investments.
  • You weren’t supposed to be among the competitors in the GSEA Global Finals Competition final round from any previous year.
  • The maximum age to participate is 30 years old. Only graduate students who have remained continuously enrolled in a university after receiving their undergraduate degree and haven’t quit school to focus on their business or look for other employment are eligible to apply. Students who took up to one academic year off before starting their postgraduate degree are eligible for an exception.
Eligible Regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, North America

Application Process

  1. Go to their official website and click on the “Apply Now” button or click the icon below.
  2. Select your country or city from the drop-down menu. If your country or city is not listed, select “Other – My Country/City is not listed.”
  3. Complete the online application form. The application form asks for information about your business, your team, and your goals.
  4. Upload your business plan and a video pitch. The business plan should be a detailed document that describes your business model, your target market, and your financial projections. The video pitch should be a short video (no more than 3 minutes) that summarizes your business and your vision.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2023

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

Visit https://gsea.org/GSEA/Contact-Us/GSEA/Contact-Us.aspx?hkey=265eb27f-0dc8-4c6c-96d4-2b6ba0d6dd4f for any queries
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