EUSPA Logo Design Contest 2020

The European GNSS Agency, an operational arm of the European Commission for the EU Space Programme, is on the hunt for forward-thinking graphic designers and visual artists from across the EU to craft its new EUSPA logo.

The EUSPA Logo Design Contest is encouraging fresh thinking and innovation. Participants are asked to submit up to two designs proposals that will capture the quintessence of the new agency in a visually striking, aesthetically appealing logo. The ideal design will be simple, yet able to tell a story that encapsulates the activities of the agency, but most importantly ensures brand recognition for EUSPA.

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The GSA is a European Union regulatory agency set up to accomplish specific tasks related to the European GNSS Programmes.

In near future, the GSA should become the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (hereafter the EU Space Programme Agency or EUSPA). This new agency should perform a series of activities in the frame of the new EU Space Programme, which will be notably linked to programmes Galileo and EGNOS, the EU satellite navigation systems, Copernicus, the EU Earth Observation system, GOVSATCOM and SSA/SST, the governmental applications. The agency will also play an increased role in ensuring the security of all EU Space programme components.

The subject-matter of this procedure is a design contest for a new logo for EUSPA. The new logo will be used to identify and promote it. It should create brand recognition for EUSPA vis-ã-vis European, international, national stakeholders and users communities. The new logo should reflect the different features of this agency.


  • The jury will select five design projects as winners and rank them by merit.
  • The five winners will be invited to negotiate a contract with the GSA in order for the GSA to procure the logo, for a maximum budget of EUR 15.000 (fifteen thousand euros).
  • Among these winners, the GSA will select the successful candidate, to which the contract will be awarded.


  • Open to all-natural and legal persons of the EU.
  • The logo must contain at least the blue colour of the EU flag (Pantone Reflex Blue corresponds to the web-palette colour RGB: 0/51/153 (hexadecimal: 003399) and not more than 2 different fonts.
Eligible Regions: Europe

Application Process

Candidates are requested to submit the following by e-mail- [email protected] (scans of original projects! documents duly signed and dated):

  • Design project containing the information to allow evaluation of the project (maximum 2 projects per Candidate and maximum size of submission via email must be under 30 megabytes)
  • Declarations of Authorship

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Application Deadline: August 14, 2020 (5 Hours Remaining)

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