The Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition 2021

Call for Applications: The Holy Qur’an is a divine gift full of wisdom and guidance on which our lives should be based upon. In light of this, the OIC Youth Capital, Dhaka is calling upon young Muslims to get closer to the core of our beautiful religion through the path of the Quran in this year’s edition of the International Holy Quran Recitation Competition.

Dhaka OIC Youth Capital 2020 will organize yearlong activities consisting of 9 different events. Among those one is the Holy Quran Recitation International Competition. Festival titled “The Holy Quran Recitation Competition” for young peoples, who are interested in Quran recitation & practicing Islam. The Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition aims to promote literacy in the Qur’an and encourage its recitation, memorization and try to apply its spirit in life. The Competition is committed to connect young generation those who recite the Holy Qur’an across the world.

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Competition Format: The Holy Quran Recitation Competition would be organized at two Level:

  • Regional Level
  • International Level
  1. Regional Level: This Competition will be defined in 6 different regions like-
    1. Asia,
    2. Africa,
    3. Middle East,
    4. America
    5. Europe and Oceania
    6. Bangladesh.
  2. Regional Competition: All regions will arrange the Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition. Every country from its respective region can participate in the regional competition. Each country can choose one participant to take part in the regional competition. Participants will submit their Qur’an Recitation video on web platforms.

Bangladesh Part Competition: As a host country Bangladesh will be a region. The top 3 participants from Bangladesh will be selected by the Jury panel, and they will qualify to the International Competition.

International Level: Total of 18 participants will take part in the International level competition. Every participant will have to submit their new recitation video on an integrated digital platform for the final round.

Recitation Evaluation: The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Main criteria: Applying Tajweed and Tarteel Rules
    • Correct recitation of the holy Qur’an
    • Points of vocal Articulation and its attributes (Makhraj and Sifat)
    • Following Sifat e Jatiah & Aaridah
    • Stop and the Start (Waqf & Ibtida)
    • Vowel and Non-vowel marks (Appropriate use of Harkat & Madd)
    • Obscured of Tajweed
  • Main criteria: Aesthetic sound and performance
    • Euphony & pleasing sound
    • Aspects of layers and control of sound waves
    • Opening and closing of Verses
    • Control of breath




Going through the selection process by jury panel-

  • Top 3 participants from each region will be selected and invited to participate in the International Level
  • Final top 03 from the 18 participants will be selected by the jury panel

Participants who will pass the preliminary rounds will be awarded a verified certificate issued by the Bangladesh Government and ICYF.


Criteria for Participation:

  • A citizen from the OIC Member States or representative of a Muslim community in the non-OIC Member States
  • The participant must be male and age limit should be 18-35 years old
  • Ability to communicate in English/ Arabic/ Bangla
  • Well conversant in digital technology with good internet connectivity
  • Interested in the Holy Qur’an and religion
Eligible Regions: Asia, Africa, Middle East, America, Europe and Oceania, Bangladesh.

Application Process

  • The eligible candidates have to submit the recorded performance to participate in the competition. To submit the recording please click on Apply Now.

Guide-line for recording and submitting the matter-

  1. A video of the participant’s performance (Qirat) should be recordedIt is necessary to choose a location with proper background, privacy, and without ambient sounds
  2. In the case of filming with a mobile phone, the image frame should be set horizontally
  3. The participants should introduce themselves at the beginning of the video. (Name, Nationality, Chosen Field, the number of recitation piece)
  4. The format of the taken video should be one of the formats of WMV/ MPEG or MP4 and with a proper resolution
  5. The submitted video must be at least 489×640 mega pixels in dimensions and cannot exceed 50 MB in size. However, if the file size is more than 50 MB, the link can be shared by uploading it to cloud storage (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)
  6. The ultimate number of uploaded files is one
  7. Videos that do not meet the required standards for audio or video quality will not be judged and will be omitted from the competition
  8. Submission of an archived video is not acceptable
  9. Participants should submit their matter in the registration system by uploading it

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Application Deadline: May 10, 2021

Application ClosedOfficial link

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