CoreNet Academic Challenge 2018-19

CoreNet invites students from around the world to think creatively about a problem facing real estate professionals for renowned companies like Google, Duke Energy, AstraZeneca, Whirlpool, and many others.

In exchange? Travel the world with an all-expense paid trip to one of their Global Summits in Asia or North America. Challenge your mind power by competing with your peers from around the world.

You and your teammates will engage in a contest with competing institutions from all over the globe. Your job is to address challenges like creating an employee experience that attracts millennials while retaining all other generations of employees; or reducing the gap between the speed of business and the typical speed of real estate.

Student teams from universities and academic institutions around the world are invited to compete in an academic challenge whereby students will be asked to play the role of consultants in order to address a real-world issue facing companies around the globe: Identify the potential technology disruptors most likely to impact your client’s global corporate real estate footprint and create short-term and long-term strategies that put corporate real estate at the forefront of technological innovation – and enable business success.

Three teams, with a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) students each, will be selected to compete onsite at the CoreNet Global Summit in Hong Kong, a professional conference for 800+ corporate real estate professionals from around the world, to be held in March 2019. Interested students will be required to submit a registration form and then respond to the challenge, as discussed herein. Based on the quality of their submission, three teams will be invited to participate in the Final Round in Hong Kong.


Forward-thinking leaders of today are focused on the potential disruptors of tomorrow. What is the next big technological shakeup? Are corporate real estate professionals poised to predict, prepare, and participate in the changes that will affect the built environment? What impact will automation and human-machine cooperation, blockchain, artificial and anticipatory intelligence, and the internet of things have on financial services, insurance, and manufacturing sectors? How will they transform the employee and customer experience – and what does it all mean for a company’s real estate portfolio?

Your client is a global leader in either the financial services, insurance, or the manufacturing sector. Identify the potential technology disruptors your team believes are most likely to impact your client’s global corporate real estate footprint. Then, create short-term and long-term strategies that put corporate real estate at the forefront of technological innovation – and enable business success.


CoreNet Global is a nonprofit association, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (US), representing nearly 11,000 executives in 50 countries with strategic responsibility for the real estate assets of primarily large, multinational corporations. The end user membership base is diverse and spans industries including high-tech, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance and oil and gas. Google, Unilever, International Monetary Fund, Oracle, Coca-Cola, Amazon, AT&T, General Motors, Barclays, BASF, and Shell are among our many member companies. One third of our membership resides outside North America (primarily Europe, China, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the Middle East) with most members managing portfolios with millions of square feet spanning multiple continents.

Virtually all corporate real estate (“CRE”) departments partner with external service provider companies to deliver services needed to acquire, maintain and dispose of real estate. These services include but are not limited to brokerage, site selection, architecture and interior design, lease administration, facilities management, and technology platforms. One of the long-term trends in the CRE profession is toward leaner, smaller internal CRE teams focused primarily on strategy and client relationship management, with growing dependence on external service provider companies for tactical delivery and execution. Those external service providers are also members of the association.

The organization’s mission is to advance the practice of corporate real estate through professional development opportunities, publications, research, conferences, designations and networking in 46 local chapters globally.


Hong Kong


  • Win US $5,000 for your team.
  • Gain international experience.
  • Connect with experts.
  • Travel the world with an all-expense paid trip to one of our Global Summits in Asia or North America.


  • The competition is open to students of all disciplines pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree at a recognized degree-awarding institution, such as a University, Grande École, College or Fachhochschule, hereafter referred to as “University,” on a full-time or part-time basis. Each student must be currently enrolled in classes at their host university throughout the competition, and not have more than 7 years prior professional experience.
  • Employees of CoreNet Global and their family members are not allowed to enter the competition. Also, students currently involved in an internship, apprenticeship or summer placement with CoreNet Global are not eligible to take part in the competition.
  • A competition registration website will be available no later than September 2018; the final registration date for the competition is identified elsewhere. Once a registration is completed, a registration confirmation email will be sent to the Team’s Primary Contact. Incomplete registrations may be discarded. There is no fee to register and teams may only register once.
  • The competition is open to teams of two (2) to four (4) students; team members may be from different academic programs within one institution, and/or teams may be comprised of students from more than one institution.
    Ideally, each team should be comprised of a diverse range of students from different disciplines, such as (and not limited to) architecture/design, engineering, business, finance, and science. Interdisciplinary teams may have an advantage when it comes to addressing this challenge.
  • Each team must have a faculty advisor from their home institution, and their contact information must be included on the team’s registration form. It is expected that faculty advisors will travel to the competition with their team. In addition, each team must appoint a Team Leader. The Team Leader will be the main contact point for CoreNet Global, and emails sent to the email address provided by the Team Leader will be considered delivered.
  • The three (3) highest-ranking submissions will advance to the Final Round; please note that teams will NOT be required to present during Round One.
    Finalists will be notified on or before 31 January 2019.
  • Teams selected as Finalists must inform the Challenge by email to [email protected] no later than 10 February 2019 if they do not wish to travel to Hong Kong to participate in the Final Round. This will allow the Challenge to notify the next highest-ranking team.
Eligible Regions: Open for All.

Application Process

Find  “AC4.0 Competition Brief” from the official link below.

Application Deadline: November 30, 2018

Application ClosedOfficial link
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