• November 15 - March 31, 2022

The Character Education Week Initiative promotes character education among all PreK-12 schools as they work together to prepare students for the demands and challenges of the 21st century. School of Science and Technology and its partners are all part of this initiative because we believe that a child’s character development is of the utmost importance.

The Character Education Week Initiative encompasses universal core ethical values essential to a healthy society such as citizenship, respect, accountability, dedication, responsibility, caring, honesty, kindness, leadership, integrity, etc. Former U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Texas Governor Greg Abbott invite you to join all of them in recognizing the critical importance the character education plays in the lives of students.

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They run the worldwide ‘Color the World with Character Traits’ PreK-12 Poster Drive. The winners will participate in the ‘STARS in the CHARACTER SKY’ Event to learn more from noble people around the world, and to share their insights with the audience.

Here’s an opportunity to showcase your artistic, imaginative, and creative talent with a POSITIVE & ORIGINAL poster design based on the theme “Color the World with CHARACTER TRAITS.” Submit your original art that focuses on ‘LOVE’.

Theme: Color the World with Character Traits such as honesty, integrity, love, kindness, etc.
Focus: Love

Description: This year, “Love” is the focus of the poster drive to promote diversity, kindness, respect, forgiveness, peace, self-control, self-management, etc.

Therefore, please reflect on the following question before drawing your poster.

“What does love mean for healing the world?”

Be sure that your poster reflects a diverse, freeing, multifaceted, pragmatic definition of love instead of clichés.

NOTE: Students may submit a poster related to other character traits as well.




  • All participants will receive a ‘Congratulations Certificate’ from The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
  • All participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Recognition ’ from the University of Houston.
  • All participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Appreciation ’ from Rice University School Mathematics Project.
  • All teachers will receive a prestigious ‘Certificate of  Appreciation’ from character.org.
  • Winning poster owners will receive a ‘You are a Star’ Certificate from the School of Science and Technology.
  • Winning poster owners will receive a short congratulatory video message personalized by name to each winning student from CHARACTER COUNTS! at Drake University.
  • Each teacher of the winning student will receive a link to a free Digital Character Lesson Ebook: More Good Ideas from CHARACTER COUNTS! at Drake University. (available in versions grades K-5 or grades 6-12)
  • Winning poster owners will be invited to participate in the ‘STARS in the Character Sky’ Virtual Event on May 4, 2023.
  • All participants’ names will be posted on the World famous website of www.TheCharacterWeek.com per their opt-in/out.
  • Some posters will be displayed in the Gallery Section of www.TheCharacterWeek.com based on the poster’s aesthetic proficiency, alignment with the character-building theme, and students’ emotional response concerning the character-building theme after May 4, 2023.
  • All participant’s entries will be promoted on @TheCharacterDay social media.


  • All PreK-12 students, including homeschoolers around the world, can enter the poster drive.
  • Participation is free of charge.
Eligible Regions: ’Open for All’ based on eligibility.

Application Process

The Character Education Week Poster Drive is divided into two categories by submission type.

  1. Traditional Poster Category (PreK-12)
  2. Digital Poster Category (6-12)
  • Traditional Poster Category Divisions:

The traditional Poster Category is divided into five divisions by grade.

  1. PreK-1
  2. 2-3
  3. 4-5
  4. 6-8
  5. 9 – 12
  • Digital Poster Category Divisions:

It is divided into two divisions by grade.

  1. 6 – 8
  2. 9 – 12

Only one poster entry per student will be accepted. The submission deadline is March 31, 2023.


  1. Scan/or take a photo of your artwork (ONLY Artwork) accordingly
  2. Fill out the Entry Form below completely
  3. Use English Alphabet characters ONLY for filling the form
  4. Be in compliance with all the requirements of the poster drive
  5. Upload your artwork
  6. Submit your artwork

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Application Deadline: March 31, 2023

Application ClosedOfficial link

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