The Borealis Student Innovation Award is an international competition for students from all over the world. This year’s competition marks the tenth anniversary of the award. Following Borealis’ trailblazing mission of value creation through innovation, the award aims to recognize your innovative thinking and pioneering solutions.

The award recognizes and rewards the three best thesis research papers (one for a bachelor’s degree graduate, one for a master’s degree graduate and one for a doctorate degree graduate).

The thesis work shall focus on one of the following research areas:

  • Polyolefin catalysts
  • Olefin and polyolefin processes
  • Polyolefin polymer properties
  • Enhanced olefin analysis and polyolefin characterization methods
  • Polyolefin applications
  • Sustainability in or with polyolefins or base chemicals (i.e. circular economy, recycling, etc.)
  • Discoveries in the polyolefin world that have a practical relevance for society
  • Base chemical processes (ammonia, nitric acid, fertilizer, urea, melamine, phenol)

Borealis was formed in 1994 through the merger of Statoil and Neste. The Latin word “Borealis” means “from the north” and reflects the company’s early ties to the Nordic region. The first Borealis head office was located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Over the years, Borealis has developed from its early Nordic roots to an international company with a strong presence primarily in Central Europe and the Middle East. Since 2006, its headquarters have been in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Borealis currently employs around 6,600 people and operates in over 120 countries. It generated EUR 7.2 billion in sales revenue and a net profit of EUR 1.1 billion in 2016. Mubadala, through its holding company, owns 64% of the company, with the remaining 36% belonging to OMV, an international, integrated oil and gas company based in Vienna. Borealis provides services and products to customers around the world in collaboration with Borouge, a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).


Online, Austria


  • The Borealis Student Innovation Award consists of
    • A certificate
    • The award
    • A trip to Linz, Austria, in May 2019 to visit the Innovation Centre with a unique networking opportunity
    • A monetary sum of EUR 5,000 for the doctorate degree graduate awardee
    • EUR 2,000 for the master’s degree graduate awardee
    • EUR 1,000 for the bachelor’s degree graduate awardee.
  • The winners will also have the opportunity to present and discuss their thesis work with members of the Borealis research team.


  • Graduates in the area of sustainability, chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer science, polymer analytic, technical chemistry, mechanical and industrial engineering or applications with a particular focus on polyolefins, olefins or base chemicals.
  • Your thesis should not be more than two years old and must be finalized by the end of February 2019 to be eligible for the award.
Eligible Regions: Open for All.

Application Process

To apply for the Borealis Student Innovation Award, please follow the instructions below to submit your application via email.
The Borealis Student Innovation Award application must be in English and consist of the three parts listed below. The application period begins September 1, 2018 and the deadline is March 1, 2019.

  • Application Cover Sheet ( Download from the “official link” )
  • A maximum two-page abstract on your thesis
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV) (maximum two pages)

Send these materials to [email protected] Please note that your application will not be considered unless you submit all required documents with a fully completed Application Cover Sheet.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2019

Application ClosedOfficial link
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