The Future of Zambia – Top 30 Under 30 is an annual award, ranking scheme, and recognition platform for young Zambian achievers under the age of 30, who are building brands, creating jobs, changing the game, and transforming the country.

The initiative is spearheaded by The Dream Factory, a nonprofit youth organization, and is intended to disclose the true and genuine potentials of young people who are earnest to turn around the fortunes of Zambia’s economy and whose works are at par with their impacts. It is also expected to serve as a source of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to these young individuals whose commitment towards stimulating growth is undoubted.

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  • Business & Entrepreneurship

This category is dedicated to individuals who run successful enterprises in Zambia, which are adding valuable social, economic and cultural remittances to lives and contributing towards shaping the image of the African continent.

  • Entertainment

This category is exclusive to a diverse group of individuals involved in entertainment relating to Music, Comedy & Film. They must be national icons that command a high level of influence not just popularity through the positive impact of their works.

  • Fashion & Lifestyle

This category is focused on young people who are leading the creative & lifestyle community in Zambia. They are passionately setting the pace in Fashion & Arts which have become common among the populace.  These personalities must be leading initiatives and organizations, which are addressing problems in their communities and have the potentials for global expansion, adoption, and recognition.

  • Media

This category is targeted at journalists and media personalities who have defied odds to propel stories of Zambia across the Globe. Their work should carry a national focused vision on leading Zambians to tell their own stories whether good or bad.

  • Personal Development & Academia

This category is exclusive to individuals who have excelled in various academic assignments, general and higher education exams, and young Zambians who have dedicated their careers in training the next generation of African Leaders.

  • Social Enterprise, Humanitarian & Philanthropy

This category is meant for young individuals leading social enterprises, humanitarian and philanthropy activities impacting lives across Zambia and their respective regions. The public on the reach of their impacts must phenomenally endorse their works and achievements.

  • Sports

This category throws a spotlight on diverse sports personalities who in diverse ways are contributing to the development of various sporting activities. These can be athletes, coaches or individuals directly involved in the sporting industry.

  • Science & Technology

This category is focused on young Zambians who are leading the innovation revolution across the country. Their products and services must be dedicated to solving either local or global problems from the Zambian soil. They must be potential competitors in global science, technology, and innovation space.




The young Zambian achievers who will make it on Top 30 Under 30 list,

  • will be profiled in the Future of Zambia – Top 30 Under 30 Magazine
  • will be awarded trophies and certificates
  • will join Future of Zambia Top 30 Under 30 Community


A Nominee must be:

  • A Zambian
  • 29 or below 29 years
  • In a minimum of 12 months active service in a category
  • Outstanding with public evidence of Impact
  • Available and prepared to be profiled in the Future of Zambia Top 30 Under 30 Magazine
Eligible Regions: Zambia

Application Process

Nominate online through the given link.

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Application Deadline: December 15, 2020

Application ClosedOfficial link

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