mbillionth Award

mbillionth Awards recognize best practices, innovations, services, applications and their development within the field of mobile phones and Telecom across South Asia.

With the rapid increase in penetration of mobile technology across almost all socio-economic strata around the world, the mobile phone has emerged as the most powerful digital tool for empowerment across the world. This is more so in South Asia, Asia Pacific and other parts of the developing world.

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Recognising this phenomenon, in 2010 the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) spun off from its highly successful Manthan Awards a separate award – the mBillionth Award South Asia – only for recognising excellence in mobile innovations for development.

The industry‐driven and peer‐acknowledged mBillionth Awards acknowledge South Asia as a key hub of the world’s mobile and telecom market in terms of penetration and innovation. The region, however, suffers from a significant digital divide. These Awards recognise that at the moment, mobile phones are surpassing all other media in terms of penetration in the region: TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines and landlines. Mobile platforms are becoming the natural choice for smashing the information barrier and extending essential and innovative digital services to the broadest section of the population.

The awards, therefore, seek to not only reward all those who are taking initiatives to bridge the digital divide, empower people and bring about greater socio-economic equality but also create an ecosystem and network of such innovators and developers so that they can learn from each other, collaborate and scale-up.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Content & Services: Quantify the quality of content and services delivery, the relevance of content and its utility value.
  • Impact & Sustainability: The social impact & the commercial viability of the application/product.
  • Functionality/Navigation: User friendliness & interactive nature of the application & its features.
  • Interface & Visual Design: Usability as well as the Design of applications and devices having larger user preference, aesthetic value with multimedia.
  • USP & Strategic Value: Uniqueness of the idea & the easiness of strategy replication.
  • Execution & Implementation: Procedures of carrying out & executing the innovation, idea according to the market demand.
  • Accessibility: Cost-effectiveness matching social and economic capital of different user groups with diverse needs in different income brackets.
  • Overall Experience: The user base & overall user experience regarding the application/content.


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  • Award nominations should be (except for early-stage category) for projects that have been on the ground for least 6 months no draft, demonstration or yet-to-be implement projects.
  • Any applicant may edit/modify the details in the Nomination form till the last date of accepting the Nomination form. However, Nomination form in any ways will be considered as final after the last date & no further modification will be allowed.
  • The mBillionth award is open to any of the following in the content industry in SAARC countries.
    • Governments
    • Individuals/Students
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Industry (Private Sector Companies/Corporates)
    • Academician and Academic institutions
    • NGOs
Eligible Regions: SAARC countries

Application Process

Interested entities can take part in mBillionth Awards by either applying online through the given link or contacting expert panel for the nomination process through [email protected]

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