• September 30, 2020
  • Dhaka

DMCQS Presents 1st General Knowledge Quiz Competition 2020.

Dhaka Medical College Quizzing Society (DMCQS) is proud to announce its “1st General Knowledge Quiz Competition” where you, the brilliant minds of our country, will compete against each other with such intensity that it will make you say like Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda, “Finally! A Worthy Opponent! Our battle will be legendary!”

**What is the format of the event?**

The event will take place in two rounds:
1) Round 1 (Written Round): Round 1 will be taken via a google form. There will be 60 single answer questions. No options will be provided. The time given for 60 questions will be 20 minutes. Questions will cover but will not remain confined to Sports, Literature, Art, Politics, History, Pop culture, etc.

2) Round 2 (Buzzer Round): This is where it gets interesting. The top participants from the written round will be arbitrarily merged into teams of three. After the draw takes place, the participants will be informed about their teams. Then the teams will fight each other in the stage round which will be conducted by our honorable quiz masters via Google Meet.
More details to follow.




All members of Champion, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up teams will receive Crests and Certificates of excellence.
And all participants will get certificate of participation.

>> Any sort of cheating and suspicious activity will result in total expulsion from the event.
>> The authority holds the right to postpone, change the dates or cancel the event at any time.


Anyone from any educational background, currently enrolled in any school, college or university can participate (Most senior eligible batch is HSC Batch 2016 or equivalent). There will be no institutional boundary and no separate categories (i.e. no separate categories like school, college, university etc).

N.B. 2nd timer students of HSC Batch 15 who are currently in 4th year or equivalent in universities can also participate

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Process

Apply online through the given link

Apply nowOfficial link
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