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You may be a participant, maybe a photography and film enthusiast, you maybe participated lotta events, BUT not this one yet! The CALL FOR ENTRY IS HERE. You might be the next national award winner or the BDT 1,75,000 valued artist you never know!

Yet-to-held the biggest event in history. You up-next will get the chance to participate in any of their DSLR Photography, Mobile Photography, Amateur Level Cinematography and Semi-Professional Cinematography paying with participation fees and competitor with the best of the bests to achieve the greatest event awards ever presented.

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[To participate we strongly recommend you to go through the event details in tentative and read our policies carefully]

Step 1
Complete registration maintaining our registration process trough facebook page accurately to recieve your activation code at the first place.

Soon after your registration is completed we reply you back providing with a specific email where you can send your photos/films, renaming by the activation code in every photos/films you send is important.

(**For films : participants will have to submit their short films before the limitations reach, we announce. They have to upload it in Google drive and mail us the link.)

You will recieve a confirmation message after a successful submission, our authority and honorable judges will take 1 (one) day to announce is your photo selected or not, if selected how many; therefore will will have to pay BDT 1050*/BDT 2750* for every single photo/film being choosen, If you pay for 1 (one) that will be registered to exhibit, if 2 (two) two photos/films will be registered to exhibit and so on.

Step 2
You will be provided with 1(one) bKash personal and 1(one) bKash agent number to make your payments.

Step 3
You will be allotted with 10(ten) working days to pay required fees per selected photographs [*e.g that being said selected photographs×5 will be equivalent to your payable dates in total] and confirm your participation soon after recieving activation code, IT WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. If you somehow miss those, an additional 4(four) days will also be given to clear your payments. Registration process will be blocked if your payments aren’t secure within sum of all, you won’t count as potential customer any longer.

Step 4
We’ll announce your identity publicly with other listed participants after your successful registration and provide you with a participant ID




  • Upto BDT 35,000 in Cash
  • Air Tickets
  • Chances to Study Abroad
  • BDT 2,00,000 Worth Gifts
  • Grand Box Crest
  • Grand Bronze Medal
  • Winners Special Frame Certificate
  • Winners Special Polo T-shirt
  • Gift Hamper
  • Vouchers & Discount Cards


Anyone under 25* years of age will be eligible to participate.

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Process

Apply online through the given link

To get more exciting opportunities like this, at your fingertips, install the Youth Opportunities Mobile App here.

Apply nowOfficial link

For Further Queries

To know more: +880 1627522800 and +880 1537510409.
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