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Nutrition Hackathon 2021 in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) in the collaboration with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) took an inclusive initiative to arrange a hackathon through youth engagement to address the national development targets regarding nutrition. They are proud strategic partners are BCC, BdOSN, BASIS.

The pre-submission and selection process for the final round will be held online. The tentative date of the final round of the “Nutrition Hackathon” is locked on February 28, 2021.

Focusing on the importance of nutrition in Bangladesh, Hackathon will focus on developing useful solutions (mobile application, technology, games, and web solution) on awareness building, information and e-learning platform, assisting tools, Nutrition Club management, Networking, and measurement of nutrition values of food items.
The expected outcome of the hackathon will be a set of technical solutions (software, mobile apps, and solutions) featuring various aspects of nutrition that can be implemented in later stages.
N.B. Local Participants who will qualify for the final round will be provided Local Convenience. Participants from different divisions will be conferred with transport costs.

The main theme is “Food Security and Nutrition ” but participants can explore the relevant topics as mentions below-
1. Youth engagement in food security and nutrition
2. Food safety including traceability
3. Smart farm management
Preferred Technologies to be used,
1. Blockchain
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Big Data
4. IoT
5. Any frontier Technologies
Nutrition Cub is a platform for volunteers for capacity building, knowledge dissemination, and awareness building on nutrition among the targeted communities.




Check the official link.


Undergraduate / Postgraduate university or Technical college students can participate in the Nutrition Hackathon.

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Process

Team Formation Criteria:
1. Individuals and teams can join the hackathon
2. Teams will comprise with 2 (minimum) – 5 (Maximum) team members
3. The members of each team should preferably have collaborated from different departments (e.g., one from CSE, another from Nutrition / Food Science)
4. teaming up with members from different educational institutions is also allowed.

Apply through the given link.

Apply nowOfficial link
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