• September 13, 2020

Next Youth Performance Competition 2020

Here goes a quick review of all their rides!

Main Olympiads:
1. Mathematics Olympiad
2. Physics Olympiad
3. Chemistry Olympiad
4. Biology Olympiad

1. IQ Olympiad
2. Programming Quiz
3. General Knowledge Quiz
4. Sports Quiz
5. History Quiz

1. Photography Contest
2. Meme Contest

1. Secondary: Class 8-10
2. Higher Secondary: Class 11-12


Photography Contest:
Show the world through your eyes by participating in the photography contest!
Theme: Open

Mobile Photography (Open for all Catagories)
DSLR Photography (Open for all categories)

Meme Contest:
The one who entertains us the most wins!
(Class 8 to 12 )

-Only students of class 8 to 12 can participate
-No vulgar or political Contents are allowed.
-Meme can be both picture and video content.
-You must mention your name, institution, class, and email id(and use #1stnypcmeme)
-One can submit a maximum of 3 contents (all in a single post)

There’s no registration fee! All events and submissions are completely free!

Check the official link for details




  • They will select three winners from each category & each segment.
  • All winners will receive an e-certificate
  • All participants will get a participation certificate


1. Mathematics Olympiad (Secondary, Higher Secondary)
2. Physics Olympiad (Secondary, Higher Secondary)
3. Chemistry Olympiad (Secondary, Higher Secondary)
4. Biology Olympiad (Secondary, Higher Secondary)
5. Astrophysics Olympiad (Secondary, Higher Secondary)
6. Programming Quiz (Class 8 to 12)
7. IQ Olympiad (Class 8 to 12)
8. History Quiz (Class 8 to 12)
9. Sports Quiz (Class 8 to 12)
10. Photography Contest (Class 8 to 12)
11. Meme Contest (Class 8 to 12)

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Process

Apply online through the given link

Apply nowOfficial link
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