• September 15, 2020

Edvive is a virtual learning platform working with a view to inspiring young minds during this phase of social distancing. They are here to look out for your necessities and help you remain one step ahead of the difficulties and challenges in the coming days. And while the sulking generation is lying on the bed contemplating the hundredth time how to make the dream of having a productive quarantine come true, bearing in mind that the month has its gravity and paying the most and humble respect to the great father of the nation, they are here with an interactive event namely “Color the Exile”. The event consists of a multitude of creative segments:

Segment 1:
Name: The Open artistry
Theme: Open

They believe every individual has a vast storehouse of imaginations and ideas that are capable of being presented with the help of brushstrokes. Therefore, the main agenda of the open themed segment is to help our participants flourish their ideas into the pieces of papers with the help of their imaginative powers.

Segment 2:
Name: Digit-art
Theme: Digital arts and illustrations

They have one of the most growing fields of art. Here the participants are allowed to submit illustrations and digital works of portraits, mandalas, sceneries, and much more. They understand this field requires profuse skill and work. Therefore they want their fellow participants to remember that they are welcoming to all kinds of submissions irrespective of their experience in the field.
Segment 3:
Name আমার চোখে মুজিব

Amidst all the distress and upcoming August 15 that will be marking the 40th death anniversary of our father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; they are also working with a view to lessen them. To acknowledge his non-repayable sacrifices for our nation’s establishment, they have their segment “আমার চোখে মুজিব” that will help our young generations uplift and highlight this extraordinary of a personality through portraying him and his journey through artworks.

Segment 4:
Name: Comicle
Theme: Cartoons and doodle art

Segment 5:
Name: Art-tickle
Theme: Pictures with a message (Duo)

Segment 6:
Name: Foodography
Theme: Food photography

Segment 7:
Name: Popsicle
Theme: Pop Quiz

● Fast and Furious
● Marvel Cinematic Universe
● Harry potter
● Sherlock Holmes: the complete series
● Horror classics: the series of Conjuring, Insidious, and Annabelle.

Check the official link for details


Prize will be given to winner.


For for all

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Process

Guidelines for participation:
The submission form will be uploaded on their website. Visit www.edvive.com/events and register.

If the participant is registering under any CA, they are encouraged to mention the reference
code. Others may skip or put N/A

In the case of the Art-tickle team name is mandatory though individual participation can be done.

The submitted files must be renamed in the format: Name_category_Title_phone number.
For example, Tasnia_Digital Art_Glimpses of Happiness_017*******

Photos of the submission must be added through the drive link.

Make sure your link is accessible i.e it must be given with editor access.

Marking will be done based on judgment but surely there will be bonus points for the maximum number of shares (3 points each) comments (2 points each) and reactions (unit points each).

Note that any kind of plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If found, the submission will be canceled immediately.

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