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Each year, the Romanian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides a number of scholarships to citizens from non-EU countries. Only candidates having good results in education, respectively an average of the study years, for the last graduated school, of at least 7 (seven) corresponding to the scoring system in Romania or the “Good” score, as the case are eligible.

The scholarship in Romania aims at gathering the best minds from around the world and bringing them to Romania free of cost in order to acknowledge their academic prowess. Here the students would have better prospects of success keeping in view the fact that the country has the highest growth rate of any country in the European Union. Moreover, Romania’s economy is predominantly based on services and its key products are energy and machines along with automobiles like DACIA and OMV Petrom. It shows that the students who come to Romania on Scholarships have broad vistas of work opportunities ahead.

Applicants may select their study program of interest in all fields, with the exception of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy. For Bachelor’s and Master, only study programs in the Romanian language are available, thus promoting the Romanian language and culture. However, at the Ph.D. level, applicants can also opt for a program in English or a foreign language set by the doctoral school. A preparatory year in Romanian is also granted prior to enrolling in the study program of choice, for those not speaking the Romanian language. The required documents include diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, passports, and CVs – all described in the application process.

In Romania, the academic year usually begins on October 1. Universities establish their own calendar, in accordance with the principle of university autonomy. Host universities may also decide on specific measures regarding the teaching and learning process, in accordance with public health guidelines. Romanian authorities may impose additional public health requirements.





  • Exemption from the payment of registration fees or any other fees required by application processing, testing for the Romanian language skills, taking the admission contest for doctoral studies, and the specific aptitude tests;
  • Financing the tuition expenses for the Romanian language preparatory year;
  • Financing the tuition expenses for the actual studies, but not more than the duration of a university cycle, corresponding to the study program followed;
  • Granting a monthly scholarship, for students enrolled in the Romanian language preparatory year;
  • Granting a monthly scholarship, for students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral studies, but not more than the duration of a university cycle;
  • Financing the accommodation expenses in the student dormitories, within the allocated subsidy granted through the budget of the Ministry of Education;
  • Medical assistance in case of medical-surgical emergencies and diseases with endemic-epidemic potential, in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • Local public, ground, naval and underground transport, as well as domestic car, railway, and naval transport, in the same conditions as those offered to Romanian students, according to the legal provisions.
  • Exemption from the payment of the study visa fee.



Foreign citizens from all non-EU countries, with the following exceptions:

  • Citizens of Romanian origin or who are part of the Romanian historical communities in the proximity of Romania (entitled to different scholarship programs);
  • Citizens who have requested or acquired a form of protection in Romania;
    stateless persons whose stay on the territory of Romania is officially recognized according to the law;
  • Members of the diplomatic and consular corps or family members of the diplomatic and consular corps accredited to Romania;
  • Members of the administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions and consular offices accredited to Romania;
  • Staff members of international organizations based in Romania or family members of staff of international organizations based in Romania;
  • Beneficiaries of a scholarship from the Romanian state for the same cycle of study.


Eligible Regions: Non-EU countries, Romania(Conditions applied)

Application Process

  • The scholarship application can be sent ONLY through the Study in Romania platform.
  • Candidates can access the platform at https://studyinromania.gov.ro, via the Apply for MFA scholarships button, or directly at https://scholarships.studyinromania.gov.ro.


Application Deadline: March 1, 2023

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

For further queries or technical problems can applicants get in touch with the organization using links available at https://scholarships.studyinromania.gov.ro/scholarship-contact-form
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