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The Czech Republic’s government provides scholarships as part of its international development assistance program to help foreign nationals from the poor world and a few select third countries, which are listed below, pursue higher education there. A significant and long-standing component of the Czech Republic’s international development cooperation is the provision of scholarships to residents of developing nations and the specific nations listed below for study at public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic (sometimes referred to as “universities”). Over 20,000 foreign nationals have finished their studies at Czech institutions since the late 1950s with financial aid from the Czech government.

As of January 28, 2019, a Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 77 governs government scholarships for university studies in the country. This resolution is a component of a joint foreign development cooperation program pursued by the Ministries of Education, Youth, and Sports and Foreign Affairs, implemented in collaboration with the Ministries of Health. The scholarships only encourage foreign people from developing and particular third countries to pursue higher education. Therefore, no one with a permanent residency permit on Czech Republic territory, including citizens of the Czech Republic and the European Union, is eligible to apply for a scholarship.

These so-called Government Scholarships are designed to cover the standard length of study:

  • in Follow-Up Master study programs with a one-year Czech language preparation course (mixed with additional field-specific training). Graduates of bachelor’s degree programs are eligible for these types of government awards. They are limited to enrolling in study programs from the chosen fields where instruction is provided in Czech. Applicants are typically needed to take entrance exams at the university in question, depending on the academic area. A requirement for receiving a scholarship award is passing the entrance exam;
  • in subsequent Masters or Doctoral studies programs. Graduates from Bachelor’s or Master’s degree courses, who enroll in degree programs with English language teaching, are eligible to apply for government scholarships in this category.


Czech Republic


  • This program offers a grant sufficient to cover living costs (housing, food, public transportation, etc.) while studying and living in the Czech Republic. This amount is subject to review on an ongoing basis.
  • Doctoral degree studies: CZK 14,000 per month. Monthly health insurance costs associated with standard policies will apply and travel arrangements between the Czech Republic and the Student will incur travel-related charges as per standard policies.

Note: The above scholarship amounts include an amount designated for the payment of accommodation costs. Costs of accommodation, food, and public transport are covered by scholarship holders from the scholarship under the same conditions that apply to students who are citizens of the Czech Republic. Should health services exceeding standard care be required by the student, s/he shall cover them at his/her own cost.


  • Be a citizen of Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Zambia
  • Hold bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Candidates from developing nations are interested in earning postgraduate certificates of research in their area of research.
  • Masters fellowship candidates must possess excellent grades on relevant coursework from recognized institutions or equivalent.
  • Doctoral scholarship candidates should possess a valid master’s level degree from an accredited university and demonstrate excellent leadership and study abilities as demonstrated by their academic qualifications.


Eligible Regions: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Cambodia,Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Zambia.

Application Process

  • Complete and download the Application For Scholarship Form of the Government of the Czech Republic.
  • Attach CV, passport copy, and signed and downloaded declaration acknowledging terms and conditions governing Health Services provision as required for your scholarship request.
  • Your return after completion of studies. An Affirmation was downloaded and then signed. An Original Birth Certificate along with its Certified translation in the Czech language.
  • Candidates must supply accurate personal details as well as submit any supporting documentation.
  • Subject matter will be chosen by each applicant; passing entrance exams is expected of them as it’s essential in receiving scholarships and grants of financial support from universities.

Note: Find out more details from the detailed guideline pdf provided by the Official Link.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2023

Application ClosedOfficial link

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