Vacancy at STEAR
  • Voluntarily

STEAR promotes the values and interests of Asian and European young people and strengthens ties between the two. Their vision is to serve as the first and leading policy institute for students and young professionals in Europe and Asia, to provide a bridge between the two continents, and to strengthen multilateral cooperation and international prosperity. STEAR publishes policy publications, providing a platform for discussions of politics, international relations, and globally-reaching policy issues. The organization aspires to form a community that transcends geographical boundaries and is formed upon shared interests, utilizing the power of community-led learning to bring together people from all over the world. They promote cultural exchanges and collaborations by running cultural workshops, annual conferences, and digital libraries. Furthermore, they organize knowledge and capacity-building projects, including policy masterclasses, lectures, and seminars.

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Currently, the organization is recruiting –

  1. Secretary-General,
  2. Training and Mentorship Officer,
  3. Cultural Programme Officer,
  4. Event Officer,
  5. Assistant Conference Officer,
  6. Editor,
  7. Online Content Writer,
  8. Creative Assistant, and
  9. Sponsorship Officer.




As part of STEAR-

  • One has the opportunity to be part of a growing and ambitious think tank,
  • Producing high-quality content as the first youth Asia-Europe think tank.
  • One would get to be part of a dynamic network with young people from across the world and to work with them on projects of your choosing.

The organization recognizes that young people today are expected to do more in less time than ever before. They want the youngsters to see the opportunity of working for them as more than another name on the CV, and want to help them grow as a professional and as a person – and have some fun along the way.


  • Age between 18 and 30 years
  • Experience in the field of arts and culture
  • Knowledge of Asia and Europe’s cultures, neighborhoods, institutions, and history
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Preferred: Creativity and open mindedness
  • Preferred: Fun and passionate
  • Confident, strong command of English and proficient communicator
  • Organised, driven and proactive
  • Strong understanding of regional and global politics, particularly relating to their region
  • Good command of English
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Creativity and ability to work independently
Eligible Regions: Asia and European Countries

Application Process

Apply online through the given link.

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Application Deadline: April 19, 2021 (8 Days Remaining)

Apply nowOfficial link
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