Akhuwat Fellowship Program 2021
  • June 27, 2021
  • Voluntarily

The Akhuwat Fellowship Program seeks to build and cultivate a community of change-makers, creative entrepreneurs, and moral leaders committed to making a difference. It will serve as a platform enabling people and organizations to unlock their potential to drive social change.

In the past, their fellows have gained extensive exposure to the complex issues related to poverty, social inequality, and morality by engaging with different communities through Akhuwat’s different projects.

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This year the Fellowship will engage young minds, practitioners, and policymakers so that collectively they can critically analyze the gaps in their society and work towards creating a more compassionate society. They aim to find collective solutions and develop alternative pathways rooted in kindness and equity, to grave problems our world faces today.

The fellowship will focus on different themes and their impact on the development sector. These themes include Education, Empathy, Healthcare, Human-centered design, Economics, Environment, Crisis Management, and Interfaith Harmony. Guest Speakers who are pioneers in their fields will be invited to share their expertise on these themes and encourage the fellows to develop a critical thinking approach to solve complex problems.

The Akhuwat Fellowship Program (AFP) has been running since 2011 and it provides a platform for young leaders and change-makers to unlock their potential and drive social change. Carrying forward Akhuwat’s vision of creating a poverty-free society, Akhuwat has now trained over a thousand young adults to play their part in resolving the varied and complex development challenges we are facing today. Given the current state of the country because of the COVID-19 crisis, the AFP will take place online. There will be various webinars, interactive sessions, and activities as well as guest lectures from some of the top development practitioners of Pakistan which will guarantee it as a great learning experience. In the past, the AFP fellows have gained extensive exposure to the various facets of Akhuwat via a comprehensive social development training platform. Their exposure combined with familiarity with fieldwork, project development and research provided them with the analytical and leadership skills required to excel in their field while creating a meaningful impact in society.




  • Since 2010, the Akhuwat Fellowship program (AFP) has been investing in future leaders; who wish to tackle complex issues that the world faces. Whether you are a student, a young professional interested in social development, or someone who wants to embark on a journey of self-transformation; this program is for you!
  • Through a combination of virtual training, activities, thoughtful discussions and field visit the Fellowship aims to equip you with the courage to think differently and cultivate a community of motivated changemakers who are dedicated to make a meaningful impact in society and create a more compassionate world.
  • This program will also allow you to connect with a diverse group of people from various backgrounds as well as development professionals who are experts in their field in Pakistan.


  • Applicants are over 16 years of age
  • Applicants display a keen interest in social issues that are engrained in our society
  • Applicants are willing to take online sessions throughout the course of the program
Eligible Regions: Open For All

Application Process

Apply online through the Apply Now link.

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Application Deadline: May 23, 2021

Application ClosedOfficial link

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