• November 15, 2023 - March 31, 2024
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Join in a noble endeavor as the Character Education Week Initiative embarks on a journey to nurture the leaders of tomorrow!

Welcome to the Character Education Week Initiative, where they are passionate about shaping the character of future generations. At the School of Science and Technology and alongside the valued partners, they wholeheartedly believe that a child’s character development is the cornerstone of their success in the 21st century.

What do they stand for? It’s a universal commitment to core ethical values that make society flourish: citizenship, respect, accountability, dedication, responsibility, caring, honesty, kindness, leadership, integrity, and so much more!

Their mission extends beyond borders with the ‘Color the World with Character Traits’ PreK-12 Poster Drive, where young minds unleash their creativity and share their unique character traits with the world. The winners of this global showcase will ascend to the ‘STARS in the CHARACTER SKY’ Event, where they’ll learn from inspirational figures from all corners of the globe and, in turn, inspire others with their insights.

Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and moved as we collectively champion the cause of character education. Join on this incredible journey, where character truly becomes the compass guiding youths toward a brighter, more ethical future. Together, we’ll ‘Color the World’ with the traits that matter most.




  1. All participants will be awarded a ‘Congratulations Certificate’ from The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, recognizing their creative contributions.
  2. Participants will receive a prestigious ‘Certificate of Recognition’ from the esteemed University of Houston, acknowledging their commitment to character education.
  3. The Rice University School Mathematics Project will extend a heartfelt ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ to all student participants, appreciating their active involvement in promoting character education.
  4. Teachers involved in the initiative will receive an esteemed ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from character.org, recognizing their outstanding role in character development.
  5. Winning poster owners will be celebrated with a ‘You are a Star’ Certificate from the School of Science and Technology, acknowledging their exceptional creativity.
  6. They’ll also receive a personalized congratulatory video message from CHARACTER COUNTS! at Drake University, adding a special touch to their achievement.
  7. In addition, each teacher of the winning student will gain access to a free Digital Character Lesson Ebook, ‘More Good Ideas from CHARACTER COUNTS! at Drake University,’ available in versions for grades K-5 and grades 6-12.
  8. And that’s not all! Winning poster owners will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the ‘STARS in the Character Sky’ Virtual Event on May 2, 2024, an inspiring gathering of like-minded individuals.
  9. All participants will have the option to have their names proudly displayed on the world-famous website www.TheCharacterWeek.com.
  10. A select number of posters will be showcased in the Gallery Section of www.TheCharacterWeek.com based on their aesthetic proficiency, alignment with the character-building theme, and students’ emotional responses after May 4, 2024.
  11. Furthermore, all participants’ entries will receive well-deserved promotion on @TheCharacterDay social media, spreading the word about their remarkable contributions to character education.

Get ready to embark on this incredible journey with them, where recognition, creativity, and character take center stage!  #TheCharacterWeek


  • All PreK-12 students, including homeschoolers around the world can enter the poster drive.
  • Participation is free of charge.
Eligible Regions: ’Open for All’ based on eligibilities

Application Process

Attention to all PreK-12 students, including homeschoolers worldwide!

Everyone is thrilled to invite you to participate in the poster drive. The best part? Participation is entirely free of charge!

Here are some essential details you need to know:

  • Eligibility: All students from PreK to 12th grade, including homeschoolers, are warmly welcome to join this inspiring opportunity.
  • Judges’ Decisions: Rest assured, the decisions made by the judges will be final and binding across all categories and grade divisions.
  • Originality: We encourage you to unleash your creativity! All entries must be entirely original, showcasing your unique artistic talents.
  • Contact Information: Your privacy matters to us. The contact information collected will solely be used for the purpose of ‘The Character Education Week’ and will not be utilized for marketing or any other purposes.
  • Language: Feel free to express your message in English or your native language, providing an English translation alongside it.
  • Ownership: Once submitted, all poster entries will become the property of the Texas Character Education Week Poster Drive and will not be returned. We reserve the right to modify any poster or slogan for reproduction purposes.
  • Recognition: Celebrate your talent! Selected posters will be proudly displayed in the esteemed Gallery Section at www.TheCharacterWeek.com and shared across our vibrant social media accounts. To acknowledge your brilliance, students’ identity information will be shared as follows:
    • First name and Last name (For Example: John Doe)
    • Student’s Grade Level

The Character Education Week Poster Drive is divided into two categories by submission type.

    • Traditional Poster Category (PreK-12)
    • Digital Poster Category (6-12)
  • Traditional Poster Category Divisions:

The traditional Poster Category is divided into five divisions by grades.





9 – 12

  • Digital Poster Category Divisions:

It is divided into two divisions by grades.

6 – 8

9 – 12

  • Unleash Your Artistic Genius: A Celebration of Character Traits

Share your artwork with them, and together, they will create a gallery that celebrates the beauty of character and its transformative impact on the world. Let them embark on this journey of self-expression, unity, and positivity.

Submit your masterpiece today and become a part of this movement to Color the World with Character Traits!

Only one poster entry per student will be accepted. The submission deadline is March 31, 2024.


  1. Scan/or take a photo of your artwork (ONLY Artwork) accordingly
  2. Fill out the Entry Form below completely
  3. Please use only English or Latin letters for filling the form
  4. Do not use foreign letters and characters. It cannot be displayed.
  5. Do not use special characters, such as (#, $, &), etc…
  6. Do not use line breaks!
  7. Be in compliance with all the requirements of the poster drive
  8. Upload your artwork
  9. Post your reflection statement in English in response to the question listed in the padlet platform related to your character value submission. (OPTIONAL)
  10. Submit your artwork

Application Deadline: March 31, 2024

Application ClosedOfficial link

For Further Queries

Please send your inquiries to [email protected]
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