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The nominations process for the Marŝarto Awards 2024 is open now!!

The Marŝarto Awards recognise exceptional walking art. The Awards culminate in October, coinciding with Walktober, the global call to promote walking as a creative experience. Winners walk away with a cash prize of up to 1000 euros.

Now, walk · listen · create hosts the Marłarto Awards, yearly recognizing the most interesting new walking art.WLC does:

  • Maintain a public archive of walking pieces and events in an online directory.
  • Facilitate a worldwide network of creatives, institutions, and museums to share practices and knowledge around walking art.
  • Facilitate a network of collaborative educational online resources, available to the public, allowing broad groups of people to create their own sound walks.

Any walking piece created during the previous or current year, and submitted to the WLC’s official website, is eligible. So, for the Marŝarto Awards 2024, work created in 2023 and 2024 is eligible.
Sound walks are not eligible.

Work can include a variety of formats, approaches, and subjects, from a wide range of creative disciplines, including arts, heritage and history, health and wellbeing, social practices, journalism, performance, literature and theatre, ecology, tourism, and more. When you make a submission you will be asked to provide a url from which your entry can either be accessed, streamed, downloaded, where participants can follow instructions, or book for a live event. The choice of format is yours.

Each year, the Online Jury reviews the submissions for the Marŝarto Awards and collectively builds the shortlist. Then, the Grand Juries take a deep dive, to pick the winners and honourable mentions.

The selection process

  • From the submitted work, the Online Jury abstracts a short list of walking pieces, which is announced soon after the end of October.
  • The Grand Jury chooses the winners of the Marŝarto Awards from the shortlist, based on a collaboratively defined set of criteria.
  • From 2024 onwards, the general public, you, also play a role in the selection process; the submission with the largest number of hearts (likes), which is not already selected by the Online Jury for inclusion in the shortlist, is also included in the shortlist. So, vote for your favorite walking piece to make sure it makes it to the shortlist.

Declaration on submission

  • Entrants declare that the work submitted is their own and that its rights have not been transferred to third parties.
  • Entrants assume all liability for any claim or demand by third parties, administrative, judicial or of other nature, concerning intellectual property or rights of the submitted work.
  • Submission implies that entrants hold all necessary rights to perform and publish the entered work, and are authorized to grant and do grant said rights to the WLC  for exhibition and publication by WLC.
  • Entrants grant the publication of the submitted images, in online or print form. This rights assignment will not imply, for the entrant, in any form whatsoever, loss of copyright of the submitted work.





What do winners get?

  •  Winners and honorable mentions receive a physical award.
  •  Winners receive a cash prize of 500 euros, and honorable mentions receive a cash prize of 200 euros.
  • WLC’s facilitate a membership program, which operates like a crowdfunding campaign. When WLC’s reach certain thresholds in support, the cash prize for winners can grow to 1000 euros, and the cash prize for honorable mentions can grow to 400 euros.


  • Eligibility
  1. Every walking piece that is not a sound walk, created after January 1 in the previous year, and submitted to WLC’s Library of works, is eligible.
  2. It is perhaps necessary to mention that winners and honorable mentions are recognized as an artist’s project or piece, not an artist’s body of work.
  3. Work by members of the Online Jury and Grand Jury can be submitted for the awards. Members of the Online Jury can not vote for their work. Work by members of the Grand Jury and work by founders of WLC can be shortlisted, but can not win, or receive an honorable mention.
  4. Members of the Grand Jury who have been involved with shortlisted work, but are not listed as one of the creators, are requested to excuse themselves from voting on that work.
  • Limitations
  1. It is unlikely that the jurors can experience a site-specific work in situ. Therefore, it can be difficult to assess a piece that is designed for a particular place, without physically being present.
  2. To somewhat ameliorate this, creators can add third-party links describing their work and can invite others to write about their experiences ‘consuming’ their work, all within our website.
  3. In principle, jurors only review what is submitted. They are not expected to look for the context of the work, or the artist, even if some might.
  • Criteria

Walking pieces are judged against the following criteria:

1. Walking

‘Walking’ is integral to the work. That is, it is experienced as a walk. Walking is what gives the work its meaning, or it is the medium through which meaning is produced.

2. Research and context

The work grows out of research, or a line of inquiry, that contributes to, or expands, the field of walking art, in terms of either discourse, practices, or concepts. Such research may derive from, but is not limited to, fields such as ecology, psychogeography, kinesiology and performance, landscape understanding, body-mind relationships, community building, territory awareness, political contexts, or occupied territories. The piece demonstrates awareness, on the part of the artist, of the questions that ‘walking art’ raises, as well as how it contributes to the discourse.

3. Contribution to walking art

The work contributes to walking art in particular, that is, it furthers discourse, expands practices, and deepens concepts. This can also mean it has an artistic, or poetic, dimension, and can bring out an emotional response, reflections on the part of the audience, or involvement and commitment, either directly from ‘consuming’ the work or from following the documentation process.

4. Production quality:

The piece is professional and well-designed.

Eligible Regions: Open For All

Application Process

  • You will need to register and log in to submit your work.
  • Check out WLC’s archives, where you will find a ‘Submit’ button, or head over to the submission form right away.
  • Events are not eligible for Marŝarto awards, but you can submit an event to WLC’s events listing.
  •  The submitted work is expected to have some connection with ‘walking’. If the work is eligible, you can submit it to the Marŝarto Awards, for walking art (excluding soundwalks).
  • It is possible to submit work on behalf of the artist, or artists, for example, if you represent them, or a gallery.
  • Read WLC’s statement on copyrights on WLC’s  About page.
  • You can always come back later and make changes to your submission.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2024 (74 Days Remaining)

Apply nowOfficial link

For Further Queries

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