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Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2024 will give you an opportunity to attend this fully funded summit in Canada. This international award in Canada will lead you to the international summit. The One Young World’s Entrepreneur of the Year was first in 2019. This award was created to identify and promote the world’s most revolutionary entrepreneurs who positively impact their societies and inspire others with their leadership qualities. The international award program in Canada is open to young people under age 35. If you meet this age criterion and have extraordinary leadership qualities, you must apply for this Entrepreneur of the Year Award to attend this OYW summit in Canada for free.

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TFG Asset Management supports the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2024. The international award will be presented to the top three winners (entrepreneurs) at the One Young World Summit in Montreal, Canada. The international panel of judges with first-hand entrepreneurship experience will select the award winners. They will look at and select the most innovative entrepreneurs. As we all know, global unemployment rates, globalization challenges, and the catastrophic effects of climate change pose significant problems. However, young entrepreneurs from all over the world are learning the skills that are most in demand in society. The skills of these young entrepreneurs, equipped with new technological advancements, are overcoming these barriers worldwide. At the heart of every start-up or enterprise is to solve the problem. One Young World believes that future young entrepreneurs can do more than create the next convenient solution. They think that young entrepreneurs are here to take on the world’s significant challenges.

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The One Young World Entrepreneur Award was created to recognize and highlight the work of revolutionary entrepreneurs who will be an inspiration and role model for existing entrepreneurs. Furthermore, this global award will encourage other entrepreneurs to become effective entrepreneurs. They aim to promote current entrepreneurs and motivate other young people to become entrepreneurs. If you are a young entrepreneur and want to get recognition internationally, then this Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of OYW Summit 2024 in Montreal, Canada, and it is for you. The One Young World Summit (OYW) 2024 in Canada is an excellent opportunity to gather students from different countries at one international platform.

This international opportunity will be a transformative opportunity in your life. Participants will join the delegation of the fully funded One Young World Summit (OYW) 2024 in Montreal. The world faces global challenges, which requires us to work together to create a better future for people with sustainable job opportunities. One Young World Entrepreneur Award 2024 has no restrictions on race, nationality, religion, or other socio-politico and economic aspects; the only criterion is to be a revolutionary entrepreneur. It will be a life-changing experience for the young entrepreneurs. They will engage in different speeches, panels, workshops, and networking. They will have the chance to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, professionals, and influencers and form long-lasting relationships. Being a part of this fully funded opportunity, you will be recognized internationally.




  • Selected participants will get a chance to attend the One Young World Summit in Canada.
  • A chance to meet other young and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world.
  • They will get an opportunity to get international recognition.
  • An opportunity to visit Canada.


  • Applicant must be below the age of 35.
  • There is no restriction on the country. Applicants from every nation are eligible for this scholarship in Canada.
  • They must be a revolutionary entrepreneur.
  • They must be committed to bringing positive change to society.
  • Applicants should have leadership qualities that inspire others.
Eligible Regions: Open for all

Application Process

  • The One Young World Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2024 application process is online.
  • Click on the Apply Now button below to start your application.
  • You can apply for yourself, or you can also nominate someone for this international award.
  • The form includes personal information and some questions.
  • Applicants should answer all the questions carefully.
  • Complete all the required information.

Application Deadline: April 7, 2024

Application ClosedOfficial link

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