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The Dr Andreas Schild Memorial Mountain Prize is awarded every year to an individual, organization, or private sector entity based in the HKH or beyond, which has demonstrated outstanding efforts enabling sustainable and resilient mountain development in the HKH region to benefit the environment as well as communities—particularly the poor, the youth, and women. In 2022, the focus of the award will be building the resilience of HKH communities. Nominations will be accepted for those individuals, organizations, or companies that have worked with HKH communities through innovations in their various capacities and brought about positive tangible change on the ground. ICIMOD issues a first call for nominations in June of every year. It awards the Prize and Honorable Mentions to the deserving nominees on December 11 (International Mountain Day).

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ICIMOD believes in a future where the region’s mountain people can experience enhanced livelihoods, equity, and social and environmental security; where they can adapt to climate, environmental, and socioeconomic change; and where future generations of mountain and downstream populations can enjoy the benefits and opportunities afforded by the region’s natural endowment. ICIMOD foresees a future in which the role of the HKH as the water tower for close to two billion people, as a cultural and spiritual hub, as the home of global biodiversity hotspots, as a significant ecological buffer zone, and as a source of resources and services for mountain and lowland people is upheld, valued, and recognized globally and regionally. For centuries, millions of people have lived among the awe-inspiring mountains, peaks and valleys of the HKH. From farmers to fishermen, climate change is wreaking havoc on their lifestyles and livelihoods, threatening communities and their ability to survive. ICIMOD is an intergovernmental knowledge and learning center that develops and shares research, information, and innovations to empower people in the eight regional member countries of the HKH – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. We serve the region through information and knowledge generation and sharing to find innovative solutions to critical mountain problems. We bridge science with policies and on-the-ground practices. We provide a regional platform where experts, planners, policy makers, and practitioners can exchange ideas and perspectives towards the achievement of sustainable mountain development. We facilitate knowledge exchange across the region, help customize international knowledge and tailor it to the region’s needs, and bring regional issues to the global stage.




  • A prize worth USD 2500.


  • Any individual, organization or private sector entity that has done outstanding work in the HKH is eligible for the prize and can be nominated (hereafter referred to as ‘nominee’). The nominee must have made a demonstrable impact. While we would like to particularly acknowledge the efforts of individuals or entities that have worked in line with ICIMOD’s mandate, this is not a pre-condition for the award.
  • Any individual can nominate any organization or a private sector entity or another individual that meets the eligibility criteria outlined under a) above, including his/her own organization or company, for the prize. We expect the said individual (hereafter referred to as ‘nominator’) to be very familiar with the work of the organization or company or individual he/she is nominating. The nominator should nominate only after receiving the consent of the nominee (head of the entity in case of an organization or company).
  • Self-nomination (nominating one-self for the prize) is not permitted and the nominator may nominate only once.
Eligible Regions: Open for All.

Application Process

Anybody wishing to nominate an eligible individual or organization or company for the prize must submit his or her nomination through the relevant online form, which will be made public from June 5 through September 30.

The nominator must provide accurate information on his/her nominee’s work and the impact it has brought about. In particular, the nominator must:

  • provide personal information on the nominee such as full name and contact address;
  • specify in which work area(s) the nominee has made demonstrable impact;
  • provide an overview of the nominee’s outstanding work;
  • provide a credible narrative on how the nominee’s outstanding work has contributed to resilience of communities in the face of the pandemic and brought about transformative change on the ground;
  • provide an argument for why the nominee deserves to win the prize;
  • provide supporting documents, including links to online articles, or videos, or publications that provide evidence of the nominee’s work and impact;
  • provide contact information of two referees who also know the nominee well;
  • statement vouching for the accuracy of the information provided through the nomination form.

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Application Deadline: September 29, 2022

Application ClosedOfficial link

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