• April 18, 2019
  • TCB Auditorium

Tackling Graduate Unemployment & The Need for partnership between Industries, Institutes & Academia, Access to Market with Business Strategies for Entrepreneurship Enterprise Development & Future Leaders being the agent of change, are the critical issues for discussion . Entrepreneurship & Leadership has been considered as the world’s largest attributes to human resources for development. The trend for rapid growing industry of modern business world with skilled Human Resources with leadership drive, is the potential to provide economic growth & development towards national & international, socio-economic development of a country. Bangladesh has set its priority on Development of Human Resources through skills, certification & experience to develop by overcoming the critical issues with solutions & recommendations through awareness & advocacy platforms. Thus the sessions covering are: Entrepreneurship &Leadership, Importance of Skills Competencies & Appropriate Employment. Youth is the biggest asset of our country which is one of the main roots for developing the country’s economy, as well as skilled professional human resources. The image of the country with assistance & connectivity between the government, industry, academia, Institutes expertise of Bangladesh, are an important driver of growth & prosperity by playing a key role in poverty reduction with Skill training & job placement. The purpose of this seminar is to give access to recognized thrust sectors based on Public Private Partnership, Enterprise knowledge with Access to Information & Networking & Career Development through Leadership & Mentoring in all sectors & sub-sectors in Bangladesh.  The main focus of the conference is to connect public-private partnership along with commitments from policy makers and think-tanks to make a difference with global trends and present solutions and recommendations for the sustainable development of sector skills in Bangladesh.
Core topics of the Seminar are:
• Entrepreneurship & Leadership
• Importance of Skills Competencies
• Appropriate Employment




  • Pen,
  • Pad,
  • Folder,
  • Souvenir,
  • Certificate,
  • Evening Snacks and
  • Dinner


The seminar is to provide a unique forum for attendees from academia, industry, government, and other stakeholders to actively exchange, share ideas & recommendations on priority thrust sectors.

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Process

  • Apply online
  • Registration Fee: 250TK
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