Praava Health is hiring Product Manager 2022 in Dhaka

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop healthcare, wellness, and health-tech products that deliver value both for the patients and the business.
  • Contribute to the development and execution of the product vision, strategy and roadmap
  • Act as a gatekeeper of potential product/feature ideas and ensure that all validated product ideas are taken through the funnel of systematic processes from concept development to analysis to product development to launching.
  • Ensure execution of an end-to-end product management process with iterative processes to ensure that products are developed, launched, and improved based on patient feedback and market data..
  • Collaborate and work closely with the clinical and/or diagnostic laboratory teams to identify problems, solution ideas, and practices in the clinical fields.
  • Collaborate with other business functions to acquire input from subject matter experts for the design and development of products.
  • Partner with the Technology team on tech-enabled healthcare products and ensure the proper delivery of all required details with well-defined milestones and targets.
  • Establish and manage business relationships with third parties in relation to product development, implementation, distribution, etc.
  • Drive continuous improvement and strengthening of the product management processes.
    Regularly report product-related updates to the leadership and management team.
  • Support the CPO to define the organizational Product vision, strategy and roadmap
  • Enhance and maintain knowledge of product management best practices and strategy.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of product management processes in the organization that best ensure the effectiveness and success of any product launch.
  • Study, analyze, and understand the current tech systems and the product vision to identify opportunities related to features/functionalities that can deliver value for patients.
  • Represent the product agenda in any relevant business meetings.
  • Analyze records and data derived from customer interactions, feedback, and reported problems to identify opportunities for future product/feature development.
  • Hold organization-wide discussions and sessions to collect problems and to generate ideas to create value for patients and the company.
  • Assess product or feature ideas for feasibility and alignment with the overall company strategy.
  • Conduct surveys, research, prototype tests, interviews, etc. to validate hypotheses and assumptions backing the ideas.
  • Facilitate new product prioritization and cross-functional collaborations.
  • Accept, reject and prioritize products/features based on assessment results and decisions of the management team.
  • Set up desired outcome and result expectations of the products/features accepted.
  • Where necessary, design UX, user journey details, and business requirement specifications.
  • Design and develop products and features with agile project management.
  • Engage tech or other relevant teams for designing and developing the products and features.
  • Communicate with stakeholders throughout the product development process
  • Monitor and handle post-implementation issues to ensure smoothening the use of the new product/feature.
  • Conduct a post-implementation review at a predefined time and condition.
  • Track, analyze and report product/feature results and compare with the expectations set before launching.
  • Once fully operational and delivering desired results, handover product/feature to regular business operation functions with proper documentation and knowledge transfer.

Praava is a network of family health centers where patients come first. We are building a better patient experience enabled by technology. We offer consultations with family doctors and a full range of diagnostics services including lab and imaging.




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  • 5+ years experience in product management or in mid-level management roles with direct/indirect exposure to innovation and product management lifecycle
  • Experience in healthcare/health-tech startups/companies
  • Knowledge in marketing platforms, programs, and policies
  • Proven knowledge in strategic planning and execution
  • Experience in research/survey/data analysis models
  • Exceptional project management and organization skills
  • Proven track record of stakeholder communication and management
  • Understanding of IT systems, application development processes, and business processes
  • Experience in using cloud-based productivity tools and systems
  • Knowledge of digital marketing, UX design and other industry tools
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and other Google applications and tools
  • Ability to translate briefs into requirements
  • Remarkable communication with clients as well as technical and creative team members
Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Process

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